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Q: Gunner

This is pretty bad, a week ago I Q’d the beatdown and just now posting the backblast.  I wish I could be as motivated to type and post the backblasts as I am when creating workouts.  However, one great HIM did say that it is always better to post a late backblast than not to post one at all.  So, with that awesome advice, the start and introduction at 0530 was pretty status quo.  There was a few complaints of single digit temps again but twelve men already did the hard thing and got out of their warm beds to be uncomfortable with other men. We decided to be in this cold temps so we might as well put the next 45 minutes to use.

Warmarama – We moseyed to Pony Express’s house to do some warmarama in his front yard.  We did some casual, slow moving exercises to ensure his security camera would see our butts in front of his house as he made the decision to fartsack this morning.  We performed warmarama for the duration of 3 snooze-cycles and no evidence of human activity within the Pony Express household was noticed from outside, so we bailed and went back to the shovel flag for our beatdown

The Thang – Not only was the temp cold, but the ground was covered with concrete-frozen snow still.  We set up a modified 7 of Diamonds circuit on the sidewalk along Underwood Street. It was a linear 7 of diamond course instead of the obvious diamond course.






Mary – Even after getting a bit warmed up by this point, the Q still didn’t want to sit on the concrete snow so we performed calf raises instead of core exercises.

Anouncements –  Scholarship Evening, Freed to Bleed, Heartland Hope Food Bank

COT – My COT related to our third F philosophy.  I spoke about how food donation we did for CSAUP and the following day at church the sermon was about the bible verse of “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters you do unto me.”

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