June 12th, 2023 – Wolf Den Launch!

Beautiful brisk morning full of love.

QIC – Greenhouse and T.Swift

# of PAX: 52: Blades of Glory, Barn Door, Retweet, Cheap Seats, DaKine, Cradle, Steeple, FinePrint, Nailed It, Beaver, Home Alone, Chowda, The Plague Griswold, Truly, Farva, Doppler, Toto, Wait Time, Big One, Smelly Cat, Stripes, Barefoot, Al Borland, Chucky, Vandelay, Boji, Tator Tot, Baby Shoes, Gator, Obi-Won, Stapler, Hams, Joe Buck, Kryptonite, Slow Pitch, Speed Bump, Hard Hat, Vespa, Flanagan, Hei Hei, Bayside, Panythose, Spring Break, Flowers, Da Fridge, Roadhouse, Little House, Schnitzel, T. Swift, and Greenhouse, FNG – Wire Tap

Mission Statement – to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

5 Core Principles:

1.           Open to all men

2.           Free of cost

3.           Always outside

4.           Led in a rotating fashion

5.           Always end in a circle of trust

Credo – Leave No Man Behind, Leave No Man Where We Found Him

Disclaimer – We are not professionals, so modify as needed.


Mosey To Track – 400 meters at faster pace, sideline warmup, shuffle, butt kickers, sungods forward skip, Mario, Bernie, Forward Ohnos


Tempo and balance pre thang on the middle of the field (WATCH OUT FOR POOP!)

Plank Waterfall – high, low, left, right

Gore Waterfall – one in each direction

Lunch Hold Waterfall – switch legs

Tempo Bird Dogs – 5 each are/leg

Frozen Ohnos – 20 IC

Tempo Merkins – 20 IC


Start on the goal line at the turf – Dark Webs football field style!

Sprint 10 yards, 1 merkin, 2 raise the roofs, sprint 10 yards, 2 merkins, 4 raise the roofs and continuing to 10 merkins and 20 raise the roofs.


Quick set of step-ups and dips on the stadium seats.

Mosey on back to the flags for the sweaty hugs.

While making counting off and doing a fast namerama due to 52 HIM being in attendance, Pantyhose prepared a beautiful little story about three dudes….

“Once upon a time there were three boys that started preschool together. Their names were Troy, Willie, and Beau. It was the start of something great. The three would continue to kindergarten, grade school, and high school together. They would continue to stay connected and ultimately ended up raising their families in their hometown of Elkhorn

Fast forward to July 2nd, 2021. One of them saw something on the web about a men’s workout group. Over the course of the evening and after trading some phone calls, the three dcided they would go to this thing called F3 and ended up at the The Oracle together on a Saturday morning. But it wasn’t just any workout…it was the 1776 beatdown. And that day, Troy, Willie and Beau became T. Swift, Greenhouse, and Hei Hei.

So when the opportunity for an AO at Elkhorn North presented itself, we thought who better than T.Swift (teacher and coach) and his cohort Greenhouse to launch this site. And who better than Hei Hei to present the flag…”

Then Hei Hei stood in front of the HIM in attendance and said some meaningful words that got T.Swifty a little teary eyed, which followed by a, “Gosh, you’re a bitch” from Hei Hei.

Greenhouse and T.Swift accepted the Wolf Den flag and are dang honored to lead this site. It’s something that T.Swift and Greenhouse will not take lightly. We are hoping that Wolf Den will represent a site that is truly open to all men and that it is a site full of love and openness, where all the HIM in attendance can continue to grow for the betterment of the community, which we hold close to our hearts. Wolves depend on each other, thus making the Pack stronger.  Wolf Den will represent that meaning to the fullest as F3 truly is a Pack of HIM. Thankful for this opportunity and hope to see you at the Wolf Den!!

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