PAX (12): Asian Zing, Bloodshot, Black Lung, Spaghetti-o, Bobsled

Beta Max, Double Dip, Toadstool, Canary, Woody, Caruso, Polaroid

QIC: Polaroid

YHC greeted the PAX upon arrival at 5:30 AM. Mission Statement and disclaimer shared as well as principles.  Counted off into four groups in preparation for the beatdown to come

WARM’O’RAMA – In Place

SSH, Wheat Pickers, MTN Climbers, Merkins, Cherry Pickers


Circle Merk – Pax formed a circle with coupons approximately three feet apart.  One round of merkins was completed moving left, one round moving right and one final round shuffling left/right.  Approximately 75 merkins were completed.

THANG:  Pax split into four groups, as a group you complete the listed exercises in declining ladder form and then mosey to next station. Rinse/Repeat until Omaha called at 6:07 AM

Station One – Pavilion

5 Decline/Pull Ups

4 Decline/Pull Ups

3 Decline/Pull Ups

2 Decline/Pull Ups

1 Decline/Pull Ups

Station Two – Benches

5 Thrusters/Step-Ups

4 Thrusters/Step-Ups

3 Thrusters/Step-Ups

2 Thrusters/Step-Ups

1 Thrusters/Step-Ups

Station Three – Stage

5 Jump Ups/Curls

4 Jump Ups/Curls

3 Jump Ups/Curls

2 Jump Ups/Curls

1 Jump Ups/Curls

Station Four – Playground

5 Inverted Row/Goblet Squat

4 Inverted Row/Goblet Squat

3 Inverted Row/Goblet Squat

2 Inverted Row/Goblet Squat

1 Inverted Row/Goblet Squat



“How can I best support you?” Emotionally supporting someone consists of different aspects: listening, coaching, encouraging, reflecting, problem solving, or physical assistance or accompaniment, to name a few. When you ask what type of support a friend or loved one needs, it gives the other person the opportunity to think about what they need most in any given moment.

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