Tuesday, March 7, 2023 | Wild Kingdom | Lake Zorinsky AO | 5:30 AM | Cool and Breezy 32 Degrees (Feels Like 23)

PAX: Tonight Show (REDWOOD), Boji, Flea, Hi-Hat, Tight Lip, Lincoln Log, G-String, Smelly Cat, Gator, Scoober, Busser, Copperfield, Ketchup, Muffs, Crab Cakes, Dittie, Sweet Sweet, Stranglehold, Lil’ House, Vandelay, Ozark, Arm Bar, Bubbles, Grizllz, Mufasa, Thomas, FNG: Phonics (Seth), DOA, Kickstand, Vlasic, Griswold and Wait Time (REDWOOD).
QIC: Wait Time

YHC welcomed 31 PAX to the Wild Kingdom’s “Redwood Month.” A Redwood PAX is a HIM that posted at the very first F3Omaha workout on April 21, 2018. Today, we are honoring dancing idiots. We are all dancing idiots in the community. I was the original dancing idiot, and today I was joined by one of the OG Redwood Dancing Idiots, Tonight Show. We welcomed FNG, Seth, who was EH’d by DOA. After sharing the mission statement, principles, and disclaimer, the weirdness began as we moseyed to the soccer fields for Warm-A-Rama and bro-ga.

SSH x 15 IC | Hillbillies x 10 IC | Plank | Merkins x 10 | Half Pigeon | Shoulder Taps x 10 IC | Half Pigeon | Crab Cakes x 10 IC | Shoulder Stretch | Garland Pose

PAX moseyed across the soccer fields and up the hill towards the dam. At the top of the hill, we took a hard left and headed towards the boat ramp for the Pre-Thang.

PRE-THANG: THE DANCING IDIOT https://youtu.be/GA8z7f7a2Pk

We circled up for the Pre-Thang, and YHC shared the background of the “Dancing Idiot,” a YouTube video that personifies what it takes to plant a shovel flag and start a new region for F3NATION. The YouTube video highlights a dude at the Sasquatch outdoor music festival. He is dancing to “Unstoppable” during a performance by Santigold. In the video, the lone dancer is enthusiastically grooving alone on the hillside. Slowly, other concertgoers join him. By the end of the song, a mob of people have joined the dancing idiot after he single-handedly took a sleepy afternoon performance and turned it into a rage. The video has been watched over 23 million times (probably 21 million times by YHC). The dancing idiot was not an idiot at all. He inspired people around him to join in and start a movement.

Today, we honored the Dancing Idiot with Santigold’s Unstoppable. It got weird. While the song was playing, we did “Vandelays,” which is a chinook while you swing your hips with a pelvic boogie. Every time that Santigold sang “Unstoppable” we did a burpee that added a pelvic thrust after the hop. It got very weird. Lincoln Log showed off his Saturday Night Fever dance moves. We were UNSTOPPABLE. From the boat dock, we moseyed to the shelter house for The Thang.


The PAX chose a partner for a 50-rep BLIMP workout: Each pair did a culmulative 50 reps of:
Burpees | Lunges | Imperial Walkers (IC) | Monkey Humpers (IC) | Plank Jacks (IC) | SSH (IC)

While one partner completed the above exercises, the other partner completed the following movements around a 10-yard square:
Duck Walk | Crab Walk | Crawl Bear | Bear Crawl

Mosey to the shovel flag.

Marge & Homer x 12 | Captain Thor [1 Big Boy to 4 American Hammers] we completed five cycles ending with 5 BBs and 20 Hammers.

COMBINE Moving to Aldrich Elementary. Road construction on 156th Street begins next week. We will temporarily move The Combine to Aldrich Elementary while 156th Street remains closed.
Other announcements on Slack.
REDWOOD MONTH AT WILD KINGDOM. During the month of March, Redwoods will Q Wild Kingdom workouts. Next week, Tonight Show – a Redwood and the OG Site Q for Wild Kingdom – will celebrate Wild Kingdom’s Four-Year Anniversary. Brazilian will Q the following week. Roll Bar will lead the final week of March.
PRAYERS: Rowdy & Yogi and family, Laser Jet.


Five years ago, I was the lone dancing idiot. I am not the only dancing idiot in F3Omaha, I was simply the first. Ketchup asked me to express why I continue to post at F3 workouts after nearly eight years in the gloom [my time dating back to F3Greensboro]. One of the biggest reasons that I continue posting is watching FNGs turn into “dancing idiots.” I love watching an FNG transform into a HIM. You witness a man’s soul catch on fire. You see guy’s like Boji immerse himself into F3. You see HIM like DOA, EH an FNG to a completely weird workout.

There is a fine line between being a “dancing idiot” and a “visionary.” I hope that all of you experience a moment when your soul catches fire – whether it is through F3, a belief in a person or some other passion in your life that you care deeply about. When a man shows belief in something bigger than himself, it is a powerful, unstoppable force. I think it is a spiritual experience.

At first, being the dancing idiot may feel alone. It can be difficult to get that first person to join you on the dance floor, but if you deeply believe then others will eventually join you. Soon, your belief becomes so unstoppable that it generates “FOMO,” because no one wants to be left out of the movement.

That is precisely what happened on that hillside at the Sasquatch festival. That is what happened five years ago in Omaha. I am grateful for Brazilian, Placebo, Selleck, Blue Grass and Curds. Those five HIM helped me attract 20 other Redwoods to our first dance on April 21, 2018. Salute to ALL the DANCING IDIOTS of F3OMAHA. It takes all of us to create the magic in the gloom. Let’s Dance!

We ended our time in the gloom with a prayer.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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