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PAX:  Slow Roast, FDIC, Blue Suede, Crabcakes, Wafflehouse (respect!), Hard Hat, Tonight Show, Wait Time

Q: Ponzi

Weather:  In the 40s

Ponzi welcomed 9 PAX to Wild Kingdom where they were informed they’d be doing a reboot of Ponzi’s worst workout from the past year.

Mission statement, core principles and disclaimer were given.

Ponzi also informed PAX that much unlike Wait Time, he was here to be their friend and buddy and would hold hands and do patty cakes if needed!

Catch Me If You Can Indian Run to the Soccer Field Parking lot for…


  • SSH (25 IC)
  • Abe Vigoda (10 IC) – Tonight Show & Wait Time tried to correct the Q for doing the incorrect exercise but after consulting the lexicon it turns out….they were wrong and a written apology is expected by Thursday morning.
  • Tappy Taps (10 IC)
  • Tater Taps (10 IC)
  • Finkle Swings (10 IC each leg)
  • Pickle Pushers (15 IC)

Wafflehouse disappeared at this point as he was incredibly fearful of what was to come…

The THANG: “The Tortoise & The Bear-pee 2.0”

**This is where things went south in a major way the last time Ponzi attempted this workout. There was FAR too much bearcrawling. After some tweaking, and cutting out about 250 bearcrawls, this was the result…

Partner up!

  • Partner 1 performed 1st listed exercise at the start of the parking lot
  • Partner 2 → performs designated exercise (either Bear-pees, Lt. Dan’s, Crawl Bear-pees, or Duck Walk-pees)  going away from their partner until partner 1 completes listed exercise and tags them out.
  • Partner 2 moseys back and begins 1st listed exercise. Rinse and repeat.

Round 1:

  • 25 Merkins/Bear-pees (4 crawls, 1 burpee, then 4 crawls 2 burpees, etc.)
  • 30 Air Squats/Lt. Dans
  • 25 Carolina Dry Docks/Crawl Bear-pees
  • 25 Crunchy Frogs/Duck Walk-pees (4 steps then 1 burpee just like bear-pees)

*Apparently Ponzi does a VERY poor Duck Walk demonstration. Thanks to Wait Time for correcting him and demonstrating proper form to the group!

Round 2: (Performed as one big group together)

  • 20 Diamond Merkins
    • Wind sprint/jog down and back as a group
  • 25 Monkey Humpers
    • Wind sprint/jog down and back as a group
  • 25 Overhead Claps in Air Chair Position
    • Wind sprint/jog down and back as a group
  • 20 Jump Ups
    • Wind sprint/jog down and back as a group

Round 3: (Performed with Partners again)

  • 25 Werkins/Bear-pees
  • 30 Smurf-Jacks IC/Lt. Dans
  • 25 Cherry Pickers IC/Crawl Bear-pees
  • 15 Big Boy Sit-ups/Duck Walk-pees

Round 4: (Performed as a group again)

  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • 15 Plank Jacks IC

Mosey back to the parking lot

6 MoM:

  • Slow Flutter Kicks 15IC
  • Pretzel Crunch/E2K 10IC (each side)
  • Slow Gas Pumpers 15IC
  • American Hammers 25IC led by site Q Tonight Show


  • Announcements:
    • VQ week coming up the week of May 20th! If you haven’t Q’d, there are plenty of open slots! Reach out to a site Q if interested. At this point you should be thinking, “If Ponzi can do this, I can do this!” It’s a great time and no one expects perfection. We love a good VQ around here. Do it!
  • Close:
    • I shared a few thoughts about how bringing back one of my worst workouts and trying to tweak it is just a simple/stupid example of not allowing failure to beat me/us down. I shared that I had a couple failures in my life where I really allowed them to define me for years until many years later I realized that failure isn’t what defines me. How I respond to failure and whether I choose to learn and grow from those experiences or not is what matters. I’m still trying to learn to embrace failure and lean into it. By no means am I perfect at it but I’m trying to be more aware of my response to it.
    • My wife and I have started reviewing with the kids at the dinner table how we failed that day and encouraging our 5 year old to share her failures with us too. It’s been humbling b/c sometimes (very rarely of course) I’ve had to admit where I failed as a dad that day and talk through it with her. We also talk about how we can learn from those moments. It’s been an interesting exercise and I’d encourage you to try it out. Not that I know everything about parenting, by any means, it’s just a way we are trying to encourage and normalize failure in our home.
    • Quote:
      • “Heroes inevitably experience at least one big failure that tests whether they have the resilience to come back and fight smarter and with more determination.” – Ray Dalio
    • Prayer:
      • I closed us out with a statement I read to myself daily to remind myself of who I am and the type of man I want to be. I modified it into a prayer for the group and edited out some of the statements about being a dad and husband:
      • God, help us be kind, loving and encouraging men with outrageously optimistic, positive, and abundant mindsets. Nothing gets us down or stands in our way because we enjoy failure and pain. These are our greatest teachers and we not only embrace them but cherish them as if they were a precious gem given to us directly from you. We are grateful for another day on this earth today. For another opportunity to love deeply and passionately. As men, we strive to be better everyday without taking this day or moment for granted. God grant us the grace and wisdom to live this day to its fullest.




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