5/7/19 | Cornhusker Handicap AO | Aksarben | 50 Degrees & Wet

PAX: Tatar Tot, Khakis (Respect!), Caesar (Hate!), Folsom, Safe Ride, No Doze, Pat Burke (FNG-Lucky Charm), Trademark, Toadstool, Honey Stinger, OMT, Tenderfoot, Saul, Ben Rayment (FNG-Reading Rainbow, Hate!), Twin Peaks, Caboose (Hate!), Stella, Cyclone (Respect!) 


Q: Bubbles (Hate!)


Bubbles welcomed the PAX, gave the mission statement and the disclaimer.




The PAX moseyed to the stage 


SSH x 25 IC


Sun Gods x 10 IC Both Ways


String Rippers x 15 IC


Cherry Pickers x 15 IC




The group split off into partners and kept the same partner throughout the rest of the beatdown.


Round 1:

Partner 1 – Chillcut while partner 2 ran to the top of the hill (Switch upon return)

Round 2: 

Partner 1 – Plank while partner 2 ran backwards to the top of the hill (Switch upon return)

Round 3:

Partner 1 – Plank while partner 2 lunged to the top of the hill (Switch upon return)

Round 4:

Partner 1 – Chillcut while partner ran to the top of the hill (Switch upon return)

Plank to the six


The THANG: Blockorama


The Pax moseyed to the middle of the field to begin a Bomb filled with coupons



Pax were instructed that with their partner, they will complete:


40 Blockees (Burpees with a coupon)

100 Coupon Squats

150 Coupon Merkins (Incline merkin with hands on the blocks)


While partner 1 was performing the exercise, partner 2 ran to the stage and back. Once you and your partner completed the merkins, they worked their way back through the squats and eventually back to the Blockees.


The mumble chatter throughout the Thang was very up and down. During the Blockees there was not much chatter do to the fact that no one could catch their breath and Pax were focusing on not trying to get hurt. Once Pax made it to coupon merkins, the chatter picked up. My triceps feel like they are going to explode”  Folsom “Bubbles, I think it’s time to call Omaha” – Safe Ride “Bubbles, seriously when is Omaha going to be called” – Safe Ride.


Omaha was eventually called and Pax took a well-deserved 20 count.


6 MoM:


Bubbles was going to audible his Mary do to the Pax being gassed, but then Saul said he was only 95% gassed, so original Mary was resumed. 


After fumbling with the speaker for what seemed to be like 5 minutes, Bubbles finally figured it out, and the Pax performed “Proud Mary”


“Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater: Perform big boy situps until you hear rolling, then switch to gas pumpers, once song starts back up switch to flutter kicks, back to gas pumpers when rolling, back to big boys once song starts back up, repeat until song is over.




Bubbles explained to the group that each coupon that was used today was 35lbs. The numbers 3 and 5 symbolize many things but a couple things stood out. The number 3 symbolizes past, present, and the future. We need to know that our past shaped who we are today, and what we do today, will shape our futures. As F3 men, we came from sad clowns and where made better byF3. F3 is shaping us to be better men, brothers, husbands, and fathers. The number 5 symbolizes man, health, and love. These three things directly relate to F3. F3 is a group of men. F3’s first F is fitness. F3’s second 2 F’s are fellowship and faith, aka love.




CSAUP – To take place on Sunday, May 19th

2nd F event: Meet at Local in Millard on Thursday, May 16th

Tatar Tot – Shout out to the FNG’s and asking that they come back


Bubbles closed us out in prayer




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