Wild Kingdom AO | Lake Zorinsky | April 9, 2019 | 50 degrees and Clear
PAX: Slowroast, Chaz, Roll Bar, Tonight Show, Bubbles, Merch and Wait Time
QIC: Wait Time
YHC greeted the PAX in the Lake Zorinsky darkness, covered the mission statement and disclaimer and declared that YHC was their F3 brother but for the next 45 minutes, was not their friend.

YHC carried a camping lantern and led the PAX to the boat ramp parking lot for WARMARAMA.
SSH x 25 IC | Mountain Climber x 20 IC | Shoulder Taps x 15 IC | String Rippers x 12 IC | Wojo Squats x 15

PAX moseyed to the restroom facilities (shout-out Ponzi), and did two rounds of 30-ct. Balls to the Wall. This was followed by some picnic table favorites:

DERKINS x 15 | DIPS x 15

PAX moseyed to the (soon-to-be named) woods, and bear crawled roughly 25 yards before moseying the remainder of the trail to the Lake Zorinsky Dam.


As Roll Bar exited the woods and viewed Lake Zorinsky Dam, he declared that “I know someday very soon a workout will involve that hill.” YHC, always a pleaser, afforded Roll Bar that opportunity today. The PAX moseyed to the dam for a Burpee-Merkin Ladder (10 reps). PAX started at the bottom of the hill with one Merkin and climbed the hill for 9 burpees.

After two rounds, Bubbles declared the hardest part of workout was going down the hill. On the third trip up the hill, Bubbles and Tonight Show declared “No, the worst part is definitely going up the hill.” All PAX achieved the maximum heart rate and completed the entire workout.

PAX moseyed back to the picnic tables for a final round of:

DERKINS x 15 | DIPS x 15


Toe Touches x 20 IC (shout out REBA) | Heel Touches x 15 IC | E2K x 15 each leg | American Hammer x 70 (10-count sets).

Kuhl Family & PAX recovering from injury.

YHC shared a message about IN CADENCE vs. OYO. We use different types of counting in our workouts. OYO (on your own) is only for workouts. Don’t allow yourself to go OYO in life. Get IN CADENCE with your F3 brothers, and God. If you haven’t attended Paradise Island, YHC encouraged you to try it. The QSOURCE discussions are a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your F3 brothers and yourself. Call upon God and your F3 brothers when you are struggling…don’t go OYO.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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