7/23/2019, Wild Kingdowm AO

PAX:  Stretch, FDIC, Tri-Delt, Chaz, Wait Time, Lemon Law, Father Time, Tonight Show, Lucille, Ric Flair, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

PAX arrived to receive the welcome and disclaimer, which included fair warning that arms and legs would likely be sore following today’s beatdown. 

Warm-a-rama began with an easy mosey around the drive circle and included moving exercises: high knees, butt kicks, karaoke (both ways), zombie walk, and back to an easy run, then a 75% speed to the boat ramp parking lot. 


THA-THANG 1: Lazy Dora

Explanation of a Lazy Dora was provided. PAX partnered up to complete the following:

100 Merkins – partner 1 does 10 reps while partner 2 holds a plank. Switch every 10 reps until 100 total are complete.

200 LBCs – partner 1 does 20 reps while partner 2 holds legs 6” off the ground. Switch

300 Squats – partner 1 does 30 reps while partner 2 holds an Al Gore. Switch

As the Lazy Dora was being executed, random vehicles were pulling into the grassy area inside the drive circle (not a typical parking location). The odd gathering turned out to be a group preparing to launch a hot air balloon. This was a pleasant view on a very pleasant morning for a workout. 

THA-THANG 2: Now or Later – Steinl

As a substitute Q for The Plague, YHC brought a little Plagueishness to the workout by asking Tonight Show if he prefers “Now or Later”. With legs being a little sore, it was a good thing that he chose Now. Pax performed one Steinl, with YHC confirming with Wait Time following that nothing was missed. 

THA-THANG 3: Aiken Legs

Next step in the process of physically defeating the limbs of the PAX, the Aiken Legs routine was conducted at the picnic shelter. 

20 Squats – 20 Box Jumps – 20 Lunges – 20 Split Jacks

Although this routine is rinse and repeat until no longer capable of standing, only one round was completed to give ample time for Mary. 

6 MOM:

American Hammers 30 IC

Game of Duck Jousting – PAX enter the arena and move in a duck walk position with arms crossed. The objective is to knock other PAX over and be the last man standing. Many PAX got low and used their leverage, resulting in several one-on-one battles that went nowhere, and the PAX would move on to another opponent to often find similar results. The winner of the battle escapes my mind (if I were to guess, I’d probably be wrong)

Circle of Trust:

 Announcements: Book study of Ego is the Enemy following COT. 
 The message for the day was regarding working for what you want and to always be a student. The quote (Tweet) from Antonio Brown seemed fitting: “You want to be smart? Read more. You want to be in shape? Work out. You want a relationship that lasts? Work on it. Finished products are not wished into existence. They are fought for.” Regarding being a student, that was one of my major takeaways from reading the first few chapters of Ego is the Enemy. A great way to help keep your ego in check is to recognize that you are not the best that you can be, and can continue to learn things. Don’t get comfortable and complacent, strive to be a lifelong learner. 


Hard Hat

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