July 25, 2019 | Futurama AO | Memorial Park | 72 degrees breezy and partly cloudy (top 10 best weather day)
PAX: No Doze, Flo, Honey Stinger, Big One, OMT, The Plague, Gunner, Tater Tot, TC, Lowman, Khakis, Waffle House, Full Nelson, Safe Ride, Twin Peaks, Twilight, Pony Express, Spackler, and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time

Wait Time welcomed the PAX on the eve of a very important American holiday – National Get Gnarly Day. “Gnarly is when you’ve gone beyond radical, beyond extreme, it’s balls out danger, & or perfection, & or skill or all of that combined”(Urban Dictionary). F3Omaha loves to get gnarly, therefore we needed to start the celebration a day early. YHC attempted to plan a “G.O.A.T.” workout for the PAX aka the Gnarly Goat. After sharing the mission statement and disclaimer, the PAX got gnarly.

Pax moseyed to the entrance for Warm-a-rama. Safe Ride pretended to go find Full Nelson so he missed the Warm-A-Rama “Jack-Off” (my middle school brain couldn’t resist the name).

SSH x 20 IC | Smurf Jacks x 20 IC | Burpee Jacks x 5 OYO | Plank Jacks x 15 IC | Lunge Jacks x 15 IC

Pax moseyed to the Memorial Park entrance and began the Pre-Thang in the median of the drive-way. Pax separated into two groups for “Tunnel of Love.” YHC called Omaha on Tunnel of Love, and PAX shifted to “Plank Hurdles.” Safe Ride and Full Nelson successfully hid in the bushes until PAX finished Plank Hurdles. (smart move!).

Pax moseyed to the stairs located in front of the Memorial Park monument.

THANG: Gnarly G.O.A.T.

YHC chose 9 gnarly exercises for the THANG. Pax divided into pairs and moved to one of the nine stations. Two PAX ran the stairs and served as “the push” to the next station. The following exercises were performed AMRAP until pushed to the next station. PAX successfully completed two rounds of these nine gnarly exercises:

Full Body Extension w/ coupon | Machtar Ndiayge | Cusack Water Squats (coupons were two cases of water bottles) | Kettle Bell Swing w/ coupon | Hydraulic Squats w/ coupon | Lateral Steps Ups | Full Body Extension w/ coupon | Cherry Pickers w/ coupon | T-Bar Merkins w/ Dumbbells

Spicoli, Sean Penn’s character from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, made “gnarly” a word in pop culture. YHC choose some 6MOM exercises that only Spicoli would love.

Pickle Pushers x 20 IC | Oh Yeahs! x 10 IC each side | American Hammers x 15 IC (rest) x 10 IC (rest) x 5 IC – t-claps to TC

Water Donations. No Doze collected the water donations for anyone who brought cases of bottled water. Approximately 10 cases of water were donated by PAX.
The PIT. Week 2 of the PIT continues at Halleck Park in Papillion. YHC is the Q. Tater Tot reminded people it was week 58 at the Oracle. He and No Doze Q at Boys Town.
F3Omaha Queen’s Service. TC announced that the healthy lifestyle and food accountability program continues for any PAX who wishes to participate. This Saturday, scales will be available at workouts for weigh in and baseline measurements.

Wario’s son. Today, Wario’s son undergoes surgery. Please keep family in prayers.
FDIC and his mom. FDIC’s mom suffered a stroke. FDIC and his brothers traveled to Detroit yesterday to be with her.
Khaki’s son. Praise for Tommy and the good news concerning his ankle fracture.


We often hear mixed messages about the characteristics of manhood. Growing up, some of us heard comments such as “Be A Man,” or even worse, “Don’t Be a P&*#@.” These ideals raised generations of men who are disconnected from their humanity. Those men in F3 know a different description of a righteous man. It is not a description that is degrading, but one that encourages, humbleness, vulnerability and compassion. YHC is grateful to be among men who demonstrate these attributes. We must continue to fight off the old notions of manhood, and lean on our brothers for strength and encouragement.

Grace, Peace & Gnarliness,

Wait Time

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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