June 13, 2023

Whetstone (Elkhorn Ridge Middle School, 17880 Marcy St, Omaha, NE 68118)

58 Degrees, clear, slight chill in the morning air

17 PAX: Griswold, T-Ball, Chippendale, Lincoln Logs (Respect/Respect), Sgt. Pencil (Respect), Barbwire, Macanudo (Respect), Kryptonite, Fine Print (No Respect), Kickstand, Escobar, Little House, Tardy, Hard Hat, Yodel, PrimeTime, Boji

I got my son (PrimeTime) out of bed at 4:30 this morning & we headed to Whetstone.  This was his first time at this site, so I showed him where the shovel flags were planted and then we drove down Marcy Street to the soccer fields to scope out where to do Warm-O-Rama and the Pre-Thang. We then drove back to school and walked down to the hill on the track to set up for “The Thang”.  From my perspective, it was a very special morning sharing with my son the workout I had planned (although I did leave a couple of details out)!

We drove back to the shovel flags and we were able to spend a few minutes stretching and talking with Barbwire before the rest of the PAX started arriving.  At 5:15 sharp we began the morning festivities.   I welcomed the 16 other PAX to F3 and Whetstone.  I recited the five (5) core principles, mission statement, credo & let everyone know that I am not a professional.  We had no FNG’s.

The PAX moseyed down Marcy Street and entered the soccer fields.  There was good mumble chatter throughout the PAX during this short mosey.  We circled up for the Warm-O-Rama:


  • 10 Big Ones (5 on each side)
  • 10 Tappy Taps IC
  • 10 Sun Gods IC (Front & Back
  • 10 Cherry Pickers
  • 10 Michael Phelps
  • 20 Side Straddle Hops IC (10 out loud and 10 in silence)

Upon completion of Warm-O-Rama we stayed in the circle for the Pre-Thang.  I announced that the Pre-Thang would be the Dark Web.  There were many moans and curse words thrown in my direction because of this announcement.

Pre Thang:

  • Dark Web (Merkins/Raise the Roof up to 10 Merkins & 20 Raise the Roof’s)

Upon completion of the Pre-Thang the PAX gathered back up and we began a slow mosey back to Elkhorn Ridge Middle School.  I led the PAX past the middle school towards the track.  Once the track was in clear view you could see three (3) bright lights set up on the bottom of the hill on the south side of the track.  Upon seeing this the PAX resumed referring to me by names involving much stronger language than Boji.

The Thang:

The PAX gathered at the bottom of the hill on the southside of the football field/track.  There were three (3) lights set up at the bottom of the hill that held a sheet of paper that listed the exercises.  All three (3) sheets were the same.

The PAX were separated into pairs for a two (2) man grinder.  On PAX member was to Bernie to the top of the hill, perform 10 monkey humpers IC and then come back down the hill to relieve the other PAX.  This was to be repeated until Omaha was called.

The Thang was a tough beatdown.  I really thought we would spend more time at the soccer fields for Warm-O-Rama and the Pre-Thang than we did so this resulted in quite a bit of time working the hill.  I kept seeing watches get checked constantly for time.  Griswold reminded me of the time at 5:46am.  I prepared to call Omaha at 5:50am but noticed that a group was halfway up the hill.  I waited for them to reach their destination and then called Omaha.

We gathered the lights, exercise sheets and moseyed back to the shovel flags for Mary.

6 -Minutes of Mary:

Once back at the shovel flags I asked the PAX to get on their six for Mary.  I called out to PAX members for their favorite CORE exercises:

  • Lincoln Logs (Respect/Respect) = Frozen Freddy’s (15 IC)
  • T-Ball = Flutter Kicks (15 IC)

We ended Mary with a round of Rancid style American Hammers

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

  • Shovel flag pass tomorrow @ The Dune (Unicycle to Peg Leg)
  • Fine Print announced that he has chosen Kryptonite to take the flag over at the best Friday AO in West Omaha (Block Party)
  • Freed to Bleed 6/30
  • Q Source discussion to follow beatdown @ Hy Vee (180th & Pacific)
  • Check Slack


The Q Source discussion today was about leadership and opportunity.  As I read through the content last night it reminded me of the opportunities that we have presented to us each day.  As an example, we worked very hard on the hill this morning.  We could look at that workout in two different ways; we could complain that the workout was too difficult/challenging, or we could view it as we need to be thankful that we can participate in that style of workout.  There are many people who are fighting illness or injury that would gladly trade places with us on that hill.  Make the most of every opportunity that you face.  Be grateful for the opportunity and seize it.

Thank you to T-Ball for the opportunity to lead this morning.  Thank you to all the PAX that showed up in support.  Lots of great laughs and memories made in the gloom this morning.  I appreciate you all!


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