Golden Spike AO June 2nd, 2023: We have had some great weather mornings lately and this was no exception, right around 60 degrees at 5:30 am

Disclaimer/Motto/Core Principles were all addressed and 1 FNG, more on that later​

PAX: Tug Boat, Oompa, Tom Tom, Golden Pike, Almost Famous, Jump Street, Touche, Clipboard, Slow Pitch, Canadian Bacon (Respect/Respect), Cyclone (Respect/Respect), Super Tasty, Jenny Bravo, Penny Marshall, Tuna Fish, Star Kist, Night Crawler, FDIC, Black Flag, LPC, and Sooner   (It was awesome to see Night Crawler back out in the gloom as I have missed seeing and talking to him.)

Q: Wentworth

Warm-O-Rama:  Ran around the track and then went to the mid-field for warm-o-rama

​High Knees, Sun Gods, Tappy Taps, Michael Phelps, SSH’s and Butt Kickers

The Thang: 4 stations for exercises around the field:

​1)​20 of each:  Mountain Climbers, SSH’s, Plank Jacks, Crab Cakes, and Groiners

2)​20 of each:  Low Dolly’s, Freddy’s, Chillcut 20 seconds, Box Cutters, and Gas Pumpers

3)​20 of each:  CDD’s, Apollo Ono’s, and Lunges

4) ​20 of each:  Dips, Step-Ups, Derkins, Bobby Hurley’s, and Alt Shoulder Taps

Ultimate Frisbee:  We split up and played some ultimate for about 20 minutes.  The team I was on was losing pretty bad, but then I said, next score wins and then Omaha was called right after we scored.

6MOM:  Rancid style American Hammers

Announcements and Prayers:  Brick Builder Saturday, June 3rd, Heartland Hope opportunity, June 24th, and some prayer requests for Pete and other family members who are going through some surgeries and need prayers for healing and recovery 

COT: Give it away, let’s spread F3Omaha and help more guys.  More guys need F3, and they don’t even know it yet.  Don’t forget to reach back out to some guys that you haven’t seen in a while as they might need that little push to come back out in the gloom.  When you get someone’s name in your mind, shoot them a quick text.  You never know what they are going through and that might be just the message that they needed at that time.

Wentworth ended in prayer 


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