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Clear skies and full hearts (can’t lose) 60 degrees
16 Pax: Canadian Bacon, Bouncer, Dose Corn, Maverick, T-Swift, He- Hei, Sgt. Pencil, Muffs, House Party, Vandelay, Zebra Cakes, Wait Time, Speed Bump, Back Country, Folsom and Ledbetter.
Q: Da Fridge
The PAX gathered by the flags on the campus of Boys Town. Went through the five core principles, the disclaimer, mission statement and the purpose of F3. Then proceeded to the track.
The Pre-Thang (Fridge Runs)
Following a brief stretch, we went through a couple of Fridge Runs. Fridge Runs consist of two-yard runs into the end zone just as my namesake, William “the Fridge” Perry, did for the Chicago Bears. Following the touchdown, celebrations were encouraged amongst PAX members.
The Thang
The group was split up into four groups, Group one performed two burpees, then walked five-yards to group two. Group two did some sort of arm exercise, then jogged to group three, 10 yards away. Group three performed an ab exercise, then ran 20 yards to group four. Group four did an AMRAP of a leg exercise and sprinted back to group one’s station, then repeated the process.
The Post-Thang (Dark Web Trifecta)
A trio of Dark Web workouts.
First Merkins and Raise the Roofs. 1 merkin, two RTR, followed by 2 merkins and 4 RTR, all the way to 10 Merkins to 20 RTR.
The second set was air squats with lunges. 1 air squat and 2 lunges, all the way to 10 squats and 20 lunges.
The last set was Fridge Runs with Side Straddle Hops. The PAX performed 1 Fridge Run each time, and went up by 2s on SSH, starting at 2 and ending with 20 SSH
Returned to flags and performed our American Hammers, then called Omaha.

FNG Naming
We welcomed a new F3 Omaha HIM. Ledbetter was named after telling the PAX he was a fan of 90s grunge bands.
Wolf Den launch on Monday, June 12, at Elkhorn North High School. T-Swift and Greenhouse will be the inaugural site Qs.5:15 AO, with coffee on site following beatdowns.
Heartland Hope Block Party is looking for volunteers to help on June 23rd and June 24th. Friday is to help set up and Saturday they need help from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Reach out to Vandelay for more info.
Eddies USA 5K is June 24th in Sarpy. Information is on Slack.
Rabbit Hole at Benson Park every Sunday at 7 a.m. Each beatdown concludes with some kind of game. Pancake Field at Crescent this upcoming Sunday (June 18).
1776 workout at Oracle on July 1.
Roll Bar’s son DAX. Sign up for meal calendar.
There are a lot of accomplishments and great things that F3 Omaha has to be proud of, both as a group and individually.
We set new attendance records at CSAUP and the Convergence beatdowns. Brickbuilder looked to be a huge success. Countless new sites have been launched and more men are joining F3 each day.
Individually, we have had HIMs set some great personal records in terms of conditioning, weight loss and milestones. Men have competed in half marathons and finished with blazing times. PAX members have extended families, got new jobs and promotions.
Yes there has been a lot to be proud of, but I want to talk about those moments and situations that don’t give us the results we want.
Although we did everything right and put in the work, sometimes things didn’t go our way. Or there are completely crazy moments that knock us down, but we get up and battle back.

Those moments are just as important to be proud of as your successes. Be proud of your hardships and setbacks because you kept grinding, kept fighting back and you learned from that situation. You’re a better HIM because of it as well.
Thinking of today’s beatdown, if you thought it was tough and you went home to tell your family and friends about it you wouldn’t talk about it being tough then talk about the Fridge Runs. No, you would talk about the Dark Web Trio or the 40-yard sprints right into burpees.
Be proud of those tough moments and take pride in overcoming and conquering them.
Thank you to everyone that came out for the beatdown and supported me. I can never thank those HIMs enough.
As always, keep the faith and keep the hope. AYE – Da Fridge

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