March 8, 2023 

Paradise Island

I am your Q today Blades of Glory. Retweet is away but will be back…

PAX:  Honey Maid, Stella, Tater Tot, FDIC, Kawaki’s , Vandala, Tight Lip, Ice T, Dirty Bird, Skipper, Cosmo, slow pitch,HindSight, Black Lung,


Welcome to F3

5 Core principals, men, free, outdoor, rotate, cot (aka circle of tears for blade)

Mission statement Leave no one behind, not a professional, Modify please

Warm a Rama:

Was more of a BroYoga:  Some Stretching, Down Dog, One Leg up hold, Pigeon.

Let’s Go…

Went to the trail behind wheatfields and headed under pacific and 1-680 and continued to Christ Community Church parking lot by the baseball field.

1st stop

20 forward lunges each leg

20 Merkins

20 Big Boys

Rang about another ⅔ of mile along the trail and stopped again

2nd round

20 backward lunges (each leg)

20 Merkins

20 LBC (IC)

Ran along 108th ave to the entrance of Christ Community Church.

3rd round

20 backward lunge with a hop up (each leg)

20 Merkins

20 Frozen Freddies (IC)

Time was getting away from me so after running around the church I  had a Thang station planned, but we skipped it and headed straight to the flags.

Skipped Marry and into Name O Rama

Honey Maid, Stella, Tater Tot, FDIC, Kawki’s, Vandala, Tight Lip, Ice T, Dirty Bird, Skipper, Kosmo, slow pitch,HindSight, Black Lung, Blades of Glory


Prayer Request:  Because I waited 2 plus weeks to write back blast I don’t remember.. My bad…


Two main themes that I tried to get across while rambling on about life with long awkward silence pause. ..

  1.  I love my kids
  2. Thankful for my brothers…

I recently got back from California visiting my brother.  He was on vacation so my mom and I watched their two boys.  And I totally miss the dad things, reading stories before bedtime, explaining to kids the why questions, big hugs, and all the joy… That comes with it… So it was great being an uncle for my brother while he was away..  But I miss my kids and Love them so much.

Also my brother turned 40 and it was great to celebrate that day with him.  I am so thankful for his support, love, understanding, and acceptance through this time in my life. It’s also great that I can always be surrounded by my f3 Omaha brothers every day as they have been a huge support for me as well.  Love ya…


Blades of Glory

About 10 guys stayed for Q Source and the topic was “Queen”  

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Paradise Island

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