I arrived early, with the goal of being able to be setup and ready

to go for a 4:45 tank trot, supposedly led by Tea Party. To my surprise Barn Door was already hanging out in the parking lot, I guess if you aren’t at least 15 minutes early to the extra early prerun, you are late. After setting up, Escobar, Chowda and Home Alone arrived. Chowda and Home Alone decided to Smurph, while BD, Escobar and Myself took off for a run, minus Tea Party, who failed to show up on time.

As the clock struck 5:30, we began.  After introducing myself and reminding the HIM’s in attendance (including Tea Party who eventually got there) What F3 stands for, our core principle, mission statement, and placing a giant emphasis on my inability to resemble anything near a professional, we jumped directly into Warmarama.

Tappy Tap x10

Big Ones x2 (10 seconds per side)

We jumped right into the workout.  With no time to lose, I decided that rest is for the wicked, and we wouldn’t take any between sets today.

At the Flags

Tap Merkins x10 4 count cadence

Merkins x15

Carolina Dry Docks x 20

We left the shadow of the M603a Patton Tank, and headed north, stopping at the base of the hill that leads up to the shelter.  We found a grassy spot and hit our sixes.

Flutter kicks x10 IC

Frozen Freddys x15 IC (okay, I went to 17)

WW1’s x 18 (to make up for the previous mistake

We moseyed towards the shelter, originally a bernie sanders was planned, but the path was in rough shape, so we skipped ahead and headed to the picnic tables for some dips

90 degrees legs x10

Right leg up x 10

Left leg up x 10

Both legs out x 10

We moseyed on down the hill, past one baseball field and on to the second of 2.  To celebrate the beginning of the youth baseball season, we ran the bases.

Single-jog back to home

Double-jog back to home

Triple-jog back to home

Inside the park homerun

The mumble chatter as we headed away from the field was a debate on if we should have sprinted on a homerun or if it should have been a leisurely trip while pumping our arms and soaking in the glory.  As the site q, I decided it was an inside the park home run after looking around at the guys and seeing a bunch of HIMs with warning track only power.

When we arrived at the construction trailer on the south side of the park, everyone was happy to see I had previously deposited a coupon.  

Wall sit coupon pass x2 2 minutes 30 seconds total time.

We headed in the direction of the flags, but stopped short in the soccer field and hit our sixes

Box Cutters IC x10

Big Boys x15

LBC’s x 20

With my back bothering me, and a lot of guys beat up as we near the end of our pre-run challenge, our last event took place without moving from our spots, and we loosened those muscles

Frog stretch x 30s

Arm under in Frog x30s each side

Iron Crosses x10 IC

Glute stretch x 30s each side.

There was lots of groaning, and the sounds that only men make who haven’t stretched for months if ever, but our journey continued, and then completed at the shovel flags


Announcements-Flag pass at MF on 3/27

Halfway House on Sunday 3/26

Prayer requests

For Chowda’s daughter who is having a procedure today

For Da Fridge to help him through a trying time


We discussed using our God given advantages to the best of our ability, between it speed, strength, size or a giant brain. The more important part, and what was the main focus, is that as men, we need to take our disadvantages, either born with or happenstance and find the advantage in them. There is always a way if you try hard enough to turn a negative into a positive.

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