DATE: 7/5/23

Temp: 65 Degrees and Rainy
AO: Top Rope
Q: Your man Hoser

12 PAX: 

Star Lord, Flat Stick, Barber Shop, Chernobyl, Steeple, Vespa, Mrs B, Kill Switch, Speed Bump, Superfly, Fun Dip, Hoser


The Q, mission, credo, and 5 core principles.  No FNG’s present.  The Q had originally called for this to be a coupon beat down, however, with this being a cool drizzly morning, an audible was called and we stayed on the pavement.  While this was better as far mud goes, it proved to be no easy task. 

WARMUP: Mosey to the basketball court for a little warm a rama.  
10 SSH IC, 10 Hill Billies IC, 10 Tappy Taps, and 10 Monkey Humpers. With our bodies loose and moist from the rain it was on to the pre-thang.

Another Mosey in store as we trekked down and up the path to the tennis courts for a little Welsh Dragon action.  In hindsight, I’m lucky the SMURPHer’s didn’t rebel.  The dragon consists of lining up at one end of the court, Bear Crawling 4 steps, followed by 1 Merkin, 1 IC Plank Jack, and 1 Carolina Dry Dock.  Easy right.  Nope, Bear Crawl 4 steps again, and add 1 of each exercise.  All the way until we reached 10 of each.  The shoulders were properly on fire at this point.  

Another Mosey to the front of the school for the Thang.


Now it would be a shame if we didn’t use the best dip bar in Omaha, if not the nation, as part of our beat down.  

The PAX  circled up and completed the Cooper.  10 Burpees, 10 air squats, and 10 dips, followed by a lap around the school.  Rinse and repeat until Omaha was called.  

After 40 minutes in the rain, there was only one part of our bodies that wasn’t drenched, stated the one PAX member.  So on our six we went and rifled through 12 American Hammers Rancid Style.  




I read a quote recently, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.”  This brought to mind another lesson I was taught by a mentor of mine, “Good today is better than better tomorrow.”  Being a little OCD at times, I tend to strive for perfection with myself and everyone around me.  But this leads over thinking, wheels turning, and nothing getting finished.  Don’t dwell on perfecting something.  Make it good enough.  Nobody will know.  Do your best and move on to the next thing. Hit send on that email. Print out that marketing flyer.  Do your best and move on to the next task.  

PRAYER: Thank you to Flat Stick for bringing the circle together for a quick prayer.  

6:15: Coffeteria





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