TEMP: Clear sky and an unseasonably brisk 55 degrees. E-85 said he was a little cold. Hipster wore long sleeves.  

PAX: Flying V, Arm Bar, Short Cut (hate), Polaroid, Good Lookin’, E-85 (hate), Wentworth, Hipster (respect x3), Spacebar, Othello, Spreadsheet, Betamax, Tassles (respect), Rooster, Buns of Steel, Doll Face (respect).

QIC: Rocket  

Rocket presented the mission, values, and credo. After seeing no FNGs and reminding the PAX he was not a professional, they moseyed to the Rose Garden.  


20 Side Straddle Hops IC

15 Tappy Taps IC

10 Big Ones IC

10 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Goofballs IC

15 Oh Yeahs! IC

10 Marine Body Builders

After a brief mosey, the PAX found a spot on The Wall and the Pre-Thang commenced.  

PRE-THANG Wall Sit – 30 seconds Balls to the Wall – 30 seconds Repeat 3X  

Rocket asked Rooster to lead the PAX in the first Wall Sit. Asked if it was in cadence, Rocket replied, “Mississippis.” Rooster dutifully followed directions and inspired a series of state-based counting from the PAX.  

After the Pre-Thing, the PAX jogged down the western stairs and hung a left. They regrouped in the middle of the south lawn for THE THING.  

THE THANG PAX broke into pairs, with partner A on the lawn and partner B about thirty yards up the hill, on the cement landing.  

Partner A: Ten Bobby Hurleys. Bear crawl or lunge up the hill.

Switch with Partner B.

Partner B: Rotate rounds of Step Ups, Alternating Shoulder Taps and Seal Claps (AMRAP).  

Sweating and grunting ensued until Omaha.  

POST THING Arm Bar kicked off a round of Rancid Hammers.  

Announcements: DISCO Friday at Creighton’s soccer stadium.  

Prayer Requests: Hipster’s sister, Room Service’s son, Rooster’s mom.  

COT I hear voices in my head. Most mornings, I hear one that tells me to stay in bed. Take it easy for a day and skip F3. I try to ignore it, but it’s almost always there and too often it holds me back.  Come to think of it, I am almost always better off when I ignore that little voice that tells me to do the easy thing. I’ve never regretted going to a workout. I’ve never regretted biting my tongue and listening to my wife’s perspective. I’ve ever never regretted calling an old friend, even when I have other things to do.  But there’s another little voice in your head. The one that says “you’re going to regret this.” The one you hear before eating that bowl of ice cream six hours before a pre-run. The one you hear before you try to “win” that argument with your M. The one you hear before procrastinating on something at work. That’s the one to listen to. So listen to those little voices. Tune out the one that tells you to take the easy route. But listen to the one that says you’ll regret something. It’s usually right.   The PAX closed in prayer.

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