Top Rope | February 1st, 2023 | 12deg actually pretty mild

AO:  Top Rope

PAX: Boji, Golden Pike, Hei Hei, Roll bar, Hard Hat, Daaaa Fridge, Lemu, Schnitzel, Desk Pop, Kill Switch, T-Swift, Kickstand, Big Unit, Doppler, Finger Point, Lil House, Tugboat, Q-tip, Beaver, Superfly, Griswold.

QiC: Griswold

5:30am : Welcomed the PAX, Gave mission statement, 5 core principles, Credo & Disclaimer.  No FNG’s present.

We circled up on the black top at the basketball court for WoR and we stayed here the entire time.

WoR: 10 IC Cherry Pickers, 10 IC sun gods (f&r), 10 big ones, 10 tappy taps, 10 imperial walkers

Pre-thang:  3 man group.  1 guy on North end of court doing AMRAP exercises, 1 push guy rifle carry coupon, 1 guy on south side of court doing wall work.

AMRAP: Merkins, Alt Shoulder taps, Dry docks, Cherry Pickers, Overhead claps, Werkins, Mountain climbers.

Wall Work: Choice of Wall sit, Balls to the wall or donkey kicks.

Thang: Dark freaking web.  This thing never gets easier.  1 round upper body, 1 round lower body, 1 round core.

Upper body: 1 merkin, 2 raise the roof.  2 merkins, 4 raise the roof and so on until 10 merkins, 20 raise the roof.  We felt it round six like I thought we would.

Lower body: same format as above except we do 1 squat, 2 monkey humpers, 2 squats, 4 monkey humpers and so on until 10 squats and 20 monkey humpers.  This was tough.

Core: Same format again except we did 1 big boy, 2 flutter kicks until 10 big boys and 20 flutter kicks complete.

Ended with broga and moon butt chugs.

P&A: Oscar Mike Saturday at Canyon, Prayers for Chris & Shelly, heartland hope, site q leadership, brain aneurysm, prayers for police.

CoT:  Importance of staying connected.  Lots of bruiser talks and inclusion lately and that was my focus today and it’s for the betterment of everyone.  We don’t need to run 5 miles and do 1000 burpees for a bitchin workout.  But more importantly we need to stay connected with guys who are nursing injuries.  We need to always be picking up the six.  Sometime you’ll be the six.  Coffee, instead of a pre run do a ruck with an injured guy or modify your workouts so anyone can attend. 

Hei Hei led us out in prayer.



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