• Get the material (Powerpoint and handbook content) that covers your assigned section.
  • Review where in the QSource you are – what Quadrant, sections preceding and following.
  • Review your section (ppt slides and handbook content) in detail – Statement, Scripture, Synthesis, 3 Socratics, 3 Spurs.
  • Understand the context in the Bible for the Scripture so you can paint a picture if necessary.
  • While the material in the Synthesis provides great background and often has examples from Dredd, think of your own stories or experiences that illustrate the points.


  • Remember your job is to be a Facilitator more than a Teacher.
  • If the group is participating and speaking more than you are, that is a good thing.
  • Encourage discussion.


  • [Open with prayer.]
  • Flip slide to the Statement.
  • Highlight for the group where we are in the QSource handbook (some may have not been for a while) by briefly reminding them what came before and what we will cover today.
  • Read the Statement.
  • Flip slide and have someone else read the Scripture and discuss – provide context if needed to help illustrate why the passage relates to this section.
  • Flip to the 3 Socratics and use the questions to generate conversation – while the Synthesis will propose answers, other opinions may be offered – encourage discussion and debate. The Socratic is the main course, and there typically is not an across-the-board right/wrong answer.  
  • Flip the slide to the Spur – this is the wrap up and action plan.  Again, encourage discussion.
  • In conclusion paint a picture of where we are going the next week – what follows.
  • COT
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