Date: 3.1.2019

AO: The Woodshed

PAX: The Plague, Room Service, Honey Stinger, OMT, No Doze, The Big One, Brazilian, Saul, Waffle House(Respect!), Cyclone(Respect!), Khakis(Respect!), Honey Badger, FDIC, Tater Tot, Bubbles, Wait Time, Baby Grand, Ponzi, Picabo, Placebo, Tonight Show

QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: 11 degrees.  Cold, dark, snow covered with a chance of ice.  A perfect gloom.

It was a beautiful stone cold gloom of a Friday morning. Since I was doing my first Q at The Woodshed, I wanted to arrive early to make sure the beatdown I had stolen from F3 Louisville was going to work.  Well… Upon arrival I learned a valuable lesson on perspective from distance. It ain’t the same as being there. By the end I had learned a valuable lesson about how the truth can be hidden from view.

YHC welcomed 20 brave pax to the Woodshed where I had planned (stolen the idea) something the F3 Omaha pax had never done before.  After explaining the mission and giving a thorough reminder of the disclaimer (there was LOTS of ice) we were on our way to the…


I wanted to use the grotto, but alas the snow had made the sidewalks unpassable so we used the street to mosey to the parking lot.

SSH*20 (IC)

Sun gods * 10 F/R (IC)

Tappy taps * 15 (IC)

Blades of Steel * 10 (IC)

Tater taps * 10 (IC)

4X4’s (Arms overhead, Burpee to plank, 4 merkins, 4 mountain climbers, up) * 5 (OYO)

After some positive #mumblechatter (It was about to turn nasty) about 4X4s, the pax turned their attention to the THANG.


Pax numbered off by three and were sent to their stations.  

Station 1: Ruck HEAVY

Pax each grabbed a backpack out of Wait Time’s car.  These ranged anywhere from 25-45lbs. We didn’t know what we were up against with the ruck so when I solicited volunteers to bring packs with weight I should have naturally assumed every volunteer (myself included) would see themselves as Arnold (From back in the Terminator days of course) and load down the packs with weight. Each pax with a pack on their back then grabbed a cinder block which was also in Wait Time’s car and were off on their ruck.  Estimated at a half mile. (Read all the way to the end)

Station 2: Death by Burpee

2 pax are in plank

3rd pax jump over pax 1 and burpee; jump over pax 2 and burpee.  Repeat * 10. Switch pax 2 pax chillcut and repeat. Switch pax; 2 pax elevate legs 6 inches.

This is where #mumblechatter started to turn nasty.

10 count – Rinse and repeat until ruckers return.

Station 3:  Sunuva Bench

Incline merkin * 15

One leg lunge (other foot on bench) * 15

Decline merkin * 15

Squats (sit on the bench) keep chest up * 20

Ranger merkin * 15

Bench Peter Parker * 10 (IC)

Leg extensions * 15

Carolina Dry Dock * 12

This is where my plans first went astray.  From the distance I drove by yesterday, it appeared the amount of snow between the bench and sidewalk was only a couple inches wide.  That’s the thing about distance. It has the distinct ability to obscure the truth. Up close I realized the width of the snow between the bench and the first patch of clear ground was a little closer to 18 inches away and the snow was easily 12 inches deep.  (Not as much melting as I had hoped for)

Station 3:  Merkins, Merkins, Merkins

Merkins * 15

Lunges * 10 (IC) R/L

Merkins * 15

Squats * 20

Ranger Merkins * 15

Peter Parker * 20

Carolina Dry Docs * 12

Rinse and repeat until ruckers return.

Knowing that something had gone wrong with my timing but unable to determine what, YHC realized we were nearly over time and group 3 had not done it’s second lap yet.  We still had yet to do 6MOM and we were not back to the shovel flag yet. I did the only thing I could, called Omaha and played it cool like I meant it all along.


While rucking with some very heavy packs and carrying coupons that felt like they were getting heavier and heavier I noticed several pax offering to share the loads to ensure everyone completed the work. While I kept my load, the fact that Picabo and Room Service offered, actually encouraged me to keep going.  This is what life will be like sometimes. Sometimes we will offer encouragement just by offering help, other times we will actually get to share the load. This was a rough week for me and getting to work out with the #HIM of F3 Omaha has made it more bearable.

Be the men Sky Q has created you to be.  At home with your wife and children and with your places of employment.


OMT is a total Sugar Ray.  He crushed the ruck and looked light as a gazelle carrying that pack.

Baby Grand, you look good brother.  You have been slimming down and look ready to get after that run.

I knew something was wrong with the ruck but couldn’t figure out what had happened until I got home and showed my 2.0 our workout map.  I had intended to do two laps on 0.25 mile loop. When I got home I discovered the snow had completely hidden the sidewalks. Because of the way the sidewalks were shoveled it wasn’t even clear there were other sidewalk options that could have been taken.  Pax who did two laps actually completed closer to a 1.2 mile ruck. #Ooops! As I mentioned earlier. The truth was completely hidden. I didn’t even realize we were on the wrong trail because we used the ONLY trail I could see. Be skeptical of what you see sometimes.  Ask questions. It’s worth it.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.  Until the next time.


Tonight Show

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