Friday, November 9th, 2018 0530-0615

Pax:  Tonight Show, Ponzi, Wait Time, Folsom, The Plague, Placebo, No Doze, Baby Grand, Selleck, Waffle House (RESPECT), Bubbles (Andy Rider, FNG), Tater Tot

QiC : Brazilian

WARMARAMA: Mozy to the grotto for an extra slippery warmarama


Sun Gods

Abe Vigodas
Don Quixotes
String Rippers
Cherry Pickers

THANG: Brazilian really phoned this one in. The Pax took turns drawing cards from he F3 Nation workout deck for a completely random beatdown.

Highlight #1: Waffle House calling Rosalita’s “On my open! Exercise, open, (1) open (2)…” That’s a keeper.

Highlight #2: No Doze leading the PAX in a 300 meter sprint and pretending like there wasn’t a fresh couple inches of snow on the ground. Wipeout.

Anti-highlight: multiple 100 meter zombie walks will torch your legs. 


Pickle Pushers

(actual) Snow Angels

Freddy Mercuries
American Hammer

Circle of Trust:

Brazilian shared the ridiculous story about the Sober October challenge that Joe Rogan and his lazy comedian friends competed in last month. At the end of the month the four adult children got together and (smoked a bunch of weed and got whiskey drunk) talked about what it was like competing all month to see who could log the hardest workouts via heart monitors. While Rogan is an exercise fanatic, the other three competitors were your basic sad clowns back on October 1. However, through the competition they pushed each other and the competition actually had transformative effects on their lives and how they plan to continue exercising moving forward. Brazilian talked about how important it is that we all reach out to one another, encourage your fellow HIM to post and to heap ungodly amounts of shit on them when they fartsack.

Brazilian closed it out with a prayer.

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