8/23/19 | The Woodshed AO | Elmwood | Nice Outside 

PAX: Folsom, Truss, Clorox, Bloodshot, Stella, Slow Roast, No Doze, Khakis, Wait Time, Smashmouth, Biggie Smalls, Lucky Charms, Hard Hat, Tater Tot, Danielson, OMT, Bubbles, Honey Stinger, Lifestyle, Baby Grand, Honk Honk, Gunner, Firewalker, Pony Express, Spackler, Chiclets, Polaroid

Q: Ponzi

Ponzi welcomed the PAX, bragged about the beautifully decorated anniversary shovel flag, gave the mission statement, disclaimer, 5 core principles and informed the PAX of a rule today…

***At any point, anyone could yell out “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” & we would all have to stop everything and perform 1 burpee.

PAX then moseyed to the grotto…PSYCH!…and up to the parking lot. Tater Tot was overheard mentioning his sadness at not going to the grotto for warm-a-rama. But the Q had plans to return there later… 


SSH x 30 IC

Ponzi asked No Doze to immediately lead the group in 20 RedBull Smurfjacks IC. He was reluctant but eventually agreed.


Mountain Man Poopers x 10 IC

Flying Sun Gods x 10 IC forward then reverse

Downward Dog x 10 count

Werewolf x 10 count

Ponzi called an audible and led the group in some Merkins & plank jacks & tempo hand release merkins

The PAX then moseyed one time around the parking lot and out into an open field where 4 yellow cones awaited them. It should’ve been 8, but a certain Brazilian fartsacked and didn’t bring the other 4 cones!

*It should be noted “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” was called out MULTIPLE times by various PAX, but mostly Bubbles, during Warm-A-Rama, The Pre-Thang, & The Thang

Pre-Thang: The Cones of Dunshire! 

PAX were split into 2 groups. Group 1 held a static move until the group 2 completed a set amount of one exercise. Once completed, each group would run 2 cones ahead and swap exercises. After the first round of running between cones proved too easy, the Q modified as needed and had everyone Bear Crawl 2 cones forward. Then crawl bear back.

1st Set of Exercises: Hold Chillcut Planks while other group did 35 Merkins

  • Run 2 cones forward and swap exercises.

2nd Set of Exercises: Hold low Al Gores while other group performed 25 Monkey Humpers IC

  • Bear Crawl 2 cones forward and swap exercises then crawl bear back to the start

3rd Set of Exercises: Eskimo kisses/Hold at the bottom of a merkin while other group performed 20 Bobby Hurleys

  • Bear Crawl 2 cones forward and swap exercises then crawl bear back to the start

The THANG: Monkeys in the Middle

Moseyed down to the grotto. 4 PAX at a time would enter the middle of the circle, acting as the timer for the group until they completed 7 burpees together.

Ponzi called out various exercises to be performed while the timer group did their burpees:

Carolina Dry Docks

Hydraulic Squats



Box Jumps

Tempo Merkins


Bobby Hurleys

Air Squat w/ Cherry Pickers


Hand Release Merkins

Ponzi Pinches

& Probably one or two others that YHC can’t remember

PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags for…

6 MoM:

The Hands of Time – PAX went around the circle for about a 120 count, give or take a few.

American Hammer x 29IC

Low Dolly x 1 in honor of Wafflehouse and the 1 year Anniversary of The Woodshed


I mentioned to everyone how when I reached out to Wait Time to start this AO it was purely out of selfish motives. I loved F3 and just wanted a way to get a 4th workout in without having to run or exercise on my own. But since then I’ve gotten so much more from all of you in the past year than I could ever have imagined. Thank you, each and every one of you.

Lastly, I just mentioned what F3 has meant for me. I didn’t realize it until after the fact, but looking back I was lonely. I was definitely a Sad Clown. I wanted male friendship in my life and really didn’t have it. I would mention that to Kate but didn’t see it as a huge deal. Just over a year later, I now realize how much I needed that and how much you all have changed my life. And I again, can’t say thank you enough. I have learned so much from people like The Plague, Tonight Show, and Wafflehouse who always ask you how you’re doing when you run next to them or ask how your family is doing. I would encourage all of us to ask one another how we are doing but also have the bravery to be vulnerable enough to answer that question honestly, even if you aren’t doing well. 

Thank you again for being such amazing brothers! I am truly blessed to know each of you.


  • 2 Club Conundrum! September 14th, Milt’s, 10am. Let Ponzi know ASAP if you’re in or out!
  • Iron Pax Challenge starts in September. Sign up online! Check @F3Omaha twitter or @mursedrew twitter
  • Continued prayers for Wafflehouse
  • The Coliseum opens up next week!! Tuesday, the 27th!

Closed with a prayer to the Sky Q



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