8/24/19 BOYSTOWN AO – The Oracle

PAX:  Big One, Top Shelf, Brazillian, Honey Stinger, No Doze, Saul, TC (RESPECT), Placebo, Tater Tot, FDIC, GUT (HATE), Spackler (HATE), Blue Suede, Lucile, Wait Time, Cyclone (RESPECT), Boom Boom (HATE), Crocs, Crab Cakes, Vandalay, Sweet Tooth, FNG (Thor), Room Service, FNG (Shake-n-Bake), Othello, FNG (McFly), CSI, Reba, FNG (Pleats, RESPECT), Khakis (RESPECT), Borland, Tuna Fish

Q: Lowmaa


The PAX moseyed to the Grotto for Warma-a-rama:

SSH 20 IC → Tappy Taps 10 IC → Tater Taps 10 IC → Windmills 15 IC → Cherry Pickers 20 IC → Sun Gods 10/10 IC → Chinooks 10/10 IC → Jump Tucks 10



Plank x 30 ct | Chilcutt x 30 ct | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman x 10 IC | Merkins x 10 | Plank x 30 ct | Chilcutt x 30 ct | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman x 10 IC | Merkins x 10

The Thang

Pax split into four groups for the Four Corners of Suck. Jogging the curves of the track and sprinting the straights, each group moseyed from station to station to do the prescribed number of exercises.

Station 1Station 2Station 3Station 4
Merkins 20Air Squats 20LBCs 20 ICJump Tucks 10
HR Merkins 20Jump Squats 20Reverse Crunch 15Bobby Hurley 10
Shoulder Taps 20 ICCopperhead Squats 20 ICChillcut 60 ctWojos 10
Carolina Dry Docks 20Jump Lunges 20American Hammer 20 ICJump Tucks 10

Leg it Be!

Air Squats to “Let it Be” by the Beatles, holding between each time the phrase is used. 


  • Freddy Mercury 15 IC
  • Low Dollys 15 on “Open”
  • American Hammer 36

Announcements & Prayers:

  • Prayers for Waffle House
  • Announcement for soon-to-opened Colosseum AO

Circle of Trust:

  • “Be All In When It Matters Most” is a reminder for us all to dedicate our energy to those things that matter most in our lives.
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