PAX:  Cyclone, Hard Hat, Brazilian, Biggie Smalls, The Plague, Roll Bar, Truss, Tonight Show, Ponzi, Baby Grand, Wait Time, Waffle House, TC. FNG: what? no new guys? … where are the new guys?


Weather:  65 degrees, dark… very light drizzle.

13 PAX. Excellence is in the next five minutes… “Hands of Time Dance Party”

EXCELLENCE in ACTION = the ultimate Antidote to Sad Clown Disease.

Statements: F3 Mission, core principles and disclaimer…

No mosey… just get right into the warm-a-rama.

1. Knees up.

2. Arm flaps.

3. Head Rotations – neck stretch.

4. One-legged Sun Gods. Left and Right.

5. Run in place, then ass kickers.

6. Side-Straddle Hops.

NOW, we mosey … to “the clock.”

The THANG – Hands of Time Dance Party.

12 stations, one for each hour of the clock, arranged in a circle … clock fashion.

1:00 American – regular grip

2:00 Single leg dynamic lunges – left leg

3:00 Single leg dynamic lunges – right leg

4:00 American – wide grip

5:00 Run in place – hi knees

6:00 Carolina Dry Dockers – the pace setter. Yells ‘TIME’ after 20 reps.

7:00 Burpees

8:00 Monkey Humpers

9:00 Mountain Climbers

10:00 Push-Up Planks (chill cut – to – plank, repeat)

11:00 Americans – Narrow Grip

12:00 Air Squat

… Center of the clock – a dance party. And cheering!

After one ‘round the clock’ – reversed direction and did it again.

All work was done to the sound of dance music of the cheermaster’s choice.


Big Boy sit ups. Leg Lifts with Elevations – four count. Crunchy-Frogs. Reverse Plank. Rolling / hip check chill-cut – four count. American Hammer:  20, four count.

Circle of Trust:

Announcements / Prayer Requests/ Share Session

No announcements.


The Excellence Dividend by Tom Peters.  Excellence is not something to be achieved through strategy … or something to ‘get’ or ‘achieve’ in a long time from now. NO!  Excellence is in the next five minutes, the next conversation you have, the next email you send, the next question you ask, the next person you meet in the hall on your way into to work.  Excellence is showing up to F3 – in the next push up, the next pull up, the next muscle smoking head clouding eye puffing gut wrenching move being called by the Q.  So, be excellent in the next move you make. Be excellent today!

And a reminder from my last back-blast, from the book “Younger Next Year”

Harry’s Rules to be ‘younger next year’ …  

1. Exercise six days a week for the rest of your life.

2. Do serious aerobic exercise four days a week for the rest of your life.

3. Do serious strength training, with weights, two days a week for the rest of your life.

4. Spend less than you make.

5. Quit eating garbage!

6. Care.

7. Connect and Commit.

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