12/28/18 @TheWoodshed Winter Quarters

18 men joined Q Folsom for a beat down in the tradition of Festivus, that meant a feast of warm ‘o rama, an airing of grievances and, of course, the feats of strength.  The Pax was divided into two teams to get those competitive juices flowingfor the feats of the strength.  

The location was the parking garage, the temp was a toasty 23 degrees, although the wind chill was around 3 degrees.  

The Pax: Ponzi, Vandelay, Selleck, Waffle House, Kurds, in town from Denver!, Baby Grand, Tator Tot, Point Break, Saul, Big One, Tonight Show, Honey Stinger, The Plague, Bubbles, Walk On, Lowman, No Doze, and Folsom.  

Feast (Warm O’ Rama)

Mosey to Fourth Floor

Hill Billy Squats

Monkey Humpers

Tappy Tapps

Merkens to Shoulder Taps to Merkens

Mosey to First Floor

The Feats of Strength, Part I (The Pre-Thang)

Split the Pax into two teams.

Partner up for Zombie Walk up the stairs: 1st pair does 5 Side, Straddle, Hops, then up to 2nd floor, 5 reverse crunches.  Up to 3rd floor, 10 Merkens.  Up to 4th floor, 15 reverse crunches.  Up to 5th floor, 20 Merkens.  Back down, do 15 Side, Straddle, Hops. 2nd pair does 10 Side, Straddle Hops at the beginning and end.  3rd pair does 15 and 5 Side, Straddle, Hops.  4th pair does 20 and 0.  First team to run back to the Festivus pole wins!  (Here’s where the wheels came off and one team tried to do double the exercises. A grievance was aired about the lack of listening by the Pax in general.)

The Feats of Strength Part II (The Thang)

The Pax remained in two teams for a race of sorts.  I’ll call it “Say My Mother F@#$ing Name! (Mountain Climbers until someone calls your name, 12 Merkens, Jump Rope until your team is all up, then someone calls your name, 12 Merkens, and back to Mountain Climbers until your team is all down) First team to finish wins!

A Scout Run to the top of the garage was held as yet another competition; unfortunately one team did an Indian run while the other team followed directions.  (A grievance about lack of good listening was once again aired.  The irony of having to air this grievance twice was not lost on Folsom, the Q.  It was like parenting all over again.)  Folsom announced again that a Scout Run race was to be held on the way down and the Pax actually listened.  


90 seconds of plank, 30 seconds of rest x3.  (This was the final feat of strength.  The first two plank sessions were accompanied by the airing of many grievances, however, the silence on the final plank was truly amazing.  Folsom likes to think that the quiet was due to everyone digging deep and focusing on keeping the plank, but reality was probably that everyone was just too out of breath to keep airing grievances.  


Show up, do the work, accelerate, repeat.



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