20 December 2022 / The Trident / 5:30 a.m. / Sterling Ridge / 7 degrees (feels like -11) / Wind N 12 mph / Cold

Q:  Hoser

PAX:  Naughty List, Punching Bag, Wentworth, Convoy, Slick, TJ (FNG), Almost Famous, Jimmy (FNG), Hoser

Announced: The Mission Statement, Credo, Five Core Principles, and Disclaimer.  We were joined by two FNG’s EH’d by Almost Famous. 


We were guided by the light of the Waning Crescent for a quick mosey to the bowels of the parking garage to get our lungs fueled up to keep our bodies warm.    


The warm-a-rama provided us a chance to start a little mumble chatter.  This consisted of the standards of SSH, Imperial Walkers, HillBillies, Tappy Taps, and Sun Gods.  Too cold to stand around and let the cold zap our spirits.  We jumped right into thang.


Mosey – Stairs – Run – Stairs – Run – Stairs – Run back to where we started. 

22’s – Consisting of descending Merkins starting at 20 followed by ascending Hydraulic Squats/Lunges (whatever their called starting at 2.  Each round decreased/increased by 2. 

Mosey – Stairs – Run – Stairs – Run – Stairs – Run back to where we started. 

11’ishes – With descending Burpees starting with 10 followed up with ascending Big Boys starting with 2.  Each round decreased by 1 / and increased by 2.

Mosey – Stairs – Run – Stairs – Run back to where we started. 

11’s – Back to the standard 11’s.  Descending dry docks starting at 10, followed by Donkey Kicks starting with 1.  It took three rounds for us to figure out how this 11 thing works and we decreased/increased by 1.  Lots of 10 counts were needed to finish out the Thang. 

Mosey – Run – Stairs – Run – Stairs – Mosey to the Shovel Flags. 


In the style of selfies.  The Q had the privilege of naming his first and second FNG’s.  Big welcome to Shirley Temple and Backseat.  Remember – what happens in the COT stays in the COT. 


Were kept short and sweet as the wind was churning and the Waning Crescent watched over us.


The Q has been reading Leading with Gratitude.  It’s not just a way of managing employees, but can be a way to live your life.  Be grateful, tell the people in your life you appreciate them.  According to The Five Love Languages, use a 5:1 ratio with your M.  90% of successful marriages use 5 positive interactions to 1 constructive criticism.


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