The Steel Mill 6/1/23, 5:30 AM, 64 Degrees, High Life/Duracell Site Q, Co-Q

With the following week being a shovel pass, we decided to Co-Q with High Life, who launched the site in 2021 & Duracell, the current Site Q.

PAX: 26 Total: Lucky Charms, Feeney, Parsecs, Chernobyl, Woodstock, Clark Kent, Beans, Irish Car Bomb, Boss Hogg, Simmons, Mr Hanky, Sweet Roll, Tony the Tiger, Pork Chop, Beta Max, Rooney, Farva, Styx, Crankbait, Longboard, Dfib, S’mores, Truck Stop, Yugo  QICs: High Life, Duracell

Warmarma: High Life circled the PAX for warmarama & mosied about 50 yards with our dumbbells for the Prethang.

Prethang: High Life had procured 2 70lb sandbags & split the group into 2 teams. Each team lined up behind a cone & using the enormous sandbag as a very heavy baton, each PAX raced around a cone about 40 yards away & back, handing it off to the next PAX until each team member had taken a turn.  PAX waiting for their turn alternated dumbbell exercises of shoulder press, hammer curls, & squats.  Round 1 was a photo finish & the losing crew owed 10 burpees while the winning team Al Gored (and mocked them a bit.)

We repeated the challenge a 2nd time – again a photo finish was upon us, which was amazing considering the 13 members per team.  The same team won & enjoyed watching the losers knock out 15 burpees as a form of mid-evil punishment.  

With the PAX sufficiently winded & already somewhat fatigued, we moved onto the thang.

The Thang:  Duracell planned the thang.  We circled up where we were with our dumbbells.   The thang was based off of the title of a documentary about the band The Pixies called “Loud. Quiet. Loud.” The workout was to music & alternated between heavy songs & accompanying dynamic/moving exercises. After each heavy song was a mellow song, accompanied by static/holding exercises that were mainly weighted yoga based.  Each exercise was roughly 1 minute.

Loud Round 1, Start Me Up/Rolling Stones: Weighted shoulder taps. Squatting curl (simply curl while doing squats.) Thrusters. Put all 3 together for 1 awful minute.   

Quiet Round 2, Always on My Mind/Willie Nelson: Warrior 1 yoga pose with weight over head. Elevator Merkins (hold top, middle & bottom floors on the Q’s call.) Side plank with 1 weight in the air. Angry Chair (yoga chair pose while holding a weight overhead.)

Loud Round 3, Nearly Lost You/Screaming Trees: Dumbbell deadlift + high row. Swingsquat clean (squat while swinging weights up & into a clean position.) Rainbow Press (both weights, shoulder press over right shoulder, arc overhead, repeat on left side/back & forth.) Put the 3 moves together for what seems like a long minute.

Quiet Round 4, Don’t Follow, Alice in Chains: Weighted Triangle (yoga triangle pose, hold 1 weight to the sky.) Balance curl (place your weight on 1 foot, do curls, close your eyes for added intensity, switch legs at 30 seconds.) Boat pose w/ 1 weight. Twisting Angry Chair (yoga chair pose, place 1 hand on ground, lift a dumbbell & reach it skyward with the other hand & hold it.)

COT: The COT was “Short Term Consequences vs Long Term Benefits” versus “Short Term Benefits vs Long Term Consequences.” We spoke about the inverse relationship.  For example, the short term consequence of exercise is that it was painful to exercise, but repeating the short term consequence over & over will result in a long term benefit.  In contrast, enjoying the short term benefit of unhealthy food or alcohol, etc, will result in a long term consequence that we will wear on our bodies.  

COT: The COT was centered around being thankful.  Duracell was very thankful for High Life giving him the opportunity to be the next Site Q of the Steel Mill. We talked about the blessings provided us by F3: Fitness, Friendship, & the joy of helping others & learning from each other.  PAX were encouraged to take time to realize how blessed we are & be thankful today.  This was a very special day to be able to share a Q with High Life.

High Life & Duracell

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