Weather:  65 Degrees Fahrenheit

PAX [13]:  Bobsled, Mulligan [Respect], Bloodshot, Hipster [Respect-Respect-Respect], Folsom, Woody [Respect], Rocket, TC [Respect], Spacebar, Snowman, Carusoe [Respect, Respect], Pigpen, Doll Face [Respect].

QIC:  Doll Face


1. Side straddle hop – 20 EA

2. Butt Kicks – 20 EA 

3. High Knees – 20 EA 

4. Lunges with Knee Lift each leg -20 EA  

5. Arm circles (forward) – 20 EA 

6. Arm circles (backward) – 20 EA 

7. Air Squats – 20 EA 

8. Walkouts with Shoulder Taps – 20 EA  

9. Mountain Climbers – 20 EA 

10. Plank Hold – (5 seconds each Rancid style)

Pre-thang: (without weights)

Benches:  Set of 3 exercises below 2xs

Dips – 20 EA

Box Jumps – 20 EA

Derkins – 20 EA

Gazebo: (number off in 2’s) Set of 4 exercises below 2xs

1s – Cross hand grip pull ups – 10 EA alternating Right/Left side of bar.

2s – Chill Cut plank – while other group does pull ups.

1s – Cross hand hang with knee lifts alternating Right/Left side of bar

2s – Chill Cut plank – While 1s to knee lifts

Keep the same two groups, 1s & 2s.  Mosey to the  playground

Tha Thang:

Two lines of six cones each were set up pre-workout, parallel to each other.  Groups broke up into their separate numbered groups.  All PAX present wil perform the set of exercise below.  While the group is running through the list, 1 person from each team will carry their dumbbells to the first cone drop them and pick up a sword (This is a replica sword men, nobody is going to get sliced and diced today!) Spin around the sword 5 times (The number of years since the inception of Heavy Meta), pick up your dumbbells, then run snaking the cones, turn around at the end and snake back to the start.  Each PAX got the chance to make a fool of them selves trying to carry their dumbbells after spinning around the sword.

Super set exercise:

  1. OH reverse lunge (both sides) x 12
  2. Alternating squat to snatch x 10
  3. Deadlift to wide row x 10
  4. Plank to straddle squat x 10
  5. Cursl x 20
  6. Squat to shoulder press x 10
  7. Squat tricep extension x 12
  8. Lateral lunge lateral raise x 12 (both sides)
  9. Underhand grip row x 12
  10. Squat db chest press x 12
  11. Sit up to squat up x 12


E2K – 15 EA side

Supermans – 15 EA

‘Merican Hammers – Rancid Style


Life is like our workout today men.  We set goals off in the future, just like the last cone in our relay.  We want to get there as fast as we can in a direct fashion, but sometimes life has us spinning around like a record (a quote from the preblast) and we get knocked off track.  Whe this happens, keep your goal in sight, work hard, and try to not life get you distracted.  With the right friends around you, especially the HIM in F3, we can all help each other reach our goals in life.  If you see a brother struggling, go and help give them a word of encouragement. It will mean the world!  #SaveTheSadClowns, #PurposefullyEncourage, & LightUpTheDarkness.


Doll Face

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