05/24/2023: The Sanitarium

QIC: Amadeus

Upon arrival I realized there were already a large group pre run/murph/ruckers on site.  It was going to be a good day with lots of great mumble chatter.

PAX: Bobsled, Double Dip, Squeaky Clean, Duracell (R) , Rooney, KOA, ICB, Parsecs, Tenacious D, G String, Milo, Knobs, Uncle Jesse, Baby Shark, Sweet Roll, Sundance, Levy, Dozer, Shingles, Stapler, Beans, Woodstock, Lady Bug, Dozer, Big Rig, Pork Chop, Mr. Hanky, Bayside, Styx

I welcomed everyone to F3 Omaha and worked through the introduction (no paper) with only a few minor infractions.  I let everyone know that we were going to recreate my 1st F3 beatdown that took place at this site a little over a year ago.  At this time we headed down to the football field to get started.  Bobsled (who’s on the IR) was already down there starting his seated weight beatdown.  


Had the pax separate into groups of 4 or 5.  This became more like 6-8 depending on the group.  Obviously, the Q didn’t explain very well but it all worked out in the end.  

We then ran 15 yard sprints between our group with arm exercises on one side (Sun Gods/ Cherry Pickers) and leg exercises on the other (High Knees/ Butt Kickers).  

Pre Thang

Usain Bolt 45s – one of my favorites (15 High Squat-15 Low squat – 15 Squat Jumps) x3.

Johnny Dramas (15 straight/15 Out/ 15 in) – This was the original instruction.  We modified a little bit due to some confusion… mostly with the Johnny Dramas… But once again all worked out well in the end.  


We got back into our groups and started the Thang… Which consisted of simply sprinting to the 10 yard line – completing the assigned exercise and then Bernie Sanders back.  We would then sprint to the 20 do the exercise and Bernie back continue until end… 

10 – Alarm Clocks

20- Monkey Humpers IC

30- Merkins


50- Air Squats

40- Flutter Kicks IC

30- Mountain Climbers IC

20- Bobby Hurleys

10- Bonnie Blairs IC

1 Oh Yeah


All the groups got to the goal line and stated working their way back with most getting to about the 50.

6 MOM – Led by different PAX

Box cutters – 15 IC.  

Dyeing Cockroaches – 15 IC – nicknamed Amadeus’ for the day as apparently my flutter kicks look like a Dyeing Cockroach… 

E2K – 15 each side 

Heal Touches – 30 – 15 each side

Sarpy Slammers –.  


Announcements & Prayers:

● Brick Builder 

● Blood Donation Opportunity on Jun 3 from 8-12 at St Geralds

● Prayers for Mr. Miyagi’s M and Lincoln Logs daughter

● Prayers for Sean Gray a teacher at the HS


Vandelay had been celebrating national graduation tassel day.  As I just stole Vandelay’s Q I also wanted to piggy back off his message as well.  While I didn’t have a daughter graduating I did feel that like in the last year I have graduated as a person from F3.  It has made me more confident, be in better shape, and more open as a human being.  I thanked the gathered PAX and the PAX that weren’t with us that day as each and everyone of them had helped me ‘graduate’ into a better person.

Rock Out –


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