December 1, 2018 | The Oracle | Winter Quarters AO – First National Parking Garage | 33 degrees, windy and rain (Nasty!)

PAX: Room Service, Short Stake, Cyclone, Dufner, Lowman, CSI, Selleck, Reba, Ponzi, Placebo, Big One, TC, Point Break, No Doze, Saul, Vandalay, Tater Tot, Waffle House, Cobra Kai (Warren – FNG), The Plague, Borland, The General (Todd – FNG), and Wait Time.

QIC: Wait Time

Wait Time welcomed the PAX to a galaxy far, far away.  He provided the F3 Mission Statement and disclaimer.  Wait Time shared wisdom from the book of Yoda, and promised a beatdown that would prepare the PAX to be stronger Jedi Knights in life.  The goal today is to awaken the Force in all of use and avoid the dark side.

The PAX moseyed to the top of the parking garage for the first lesson about the force.  Lowman and Ponzi shared their wisdom from Yoda – “Do. Or do not.  There is no try.”


SSH x 25 IC | Shoulder Taps x 25 IC | Hillbillies x 20 IC | String Rippers x 10 IC | Crab Cakes x 15 IC | Bro-gas x 5 each leg (lots of mumble chatter)

The PAX moseyed down a level in the garage.  Wait Time asked Tater Tot to channel the force and asked him to choose “50 or 100” to determine the next exercise.  Tater Tot chose 100, which was THE STEINL.

STEINL (#Crowdpleaser)

30 sec PLANK | 30 sec Chilcutt | 10 Merkins | 10 Amazing Spiderman (R ) | 10 Merkins | 30 sec PLANK | 30 sec Chilcutt | 10 Merkins | 10 Amazing Spiderman (L) | 10 Merkins

The PAX moseyed to a lower level of the Force for Silent SSH.  Great team building exercise requiring Jedi concentration.  If the PAX missed the cue, then everyone did 5 burps.  Wait Time called cadence on the first six SSH and remainder of the exercise was done in silence.  Goal was to complete the exercise together without anyone missing the cue.

Round 1 (10 SSH).  The General (FNG) missed the cue, but Wait Time encouraged him as a first-timer with a  Yoda quote, “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

PAX did 5 burpees.

Round 2 (21 SSH).  No Doze and Room Service missed the cue (Room Service protested – Yoda says, ““You will know good from bad when you are at peace and passive.”)

PAX did 5 burpees.

Moseyed to the lowest level of the force.

Yoda trained Luke Skywalker by requiring him to do a hand stand with Yoda standing on his feet.  The PAX replicated this training by doing two rounds of “Balls to the Wall (30 count).”

The THANG #1. “Jedi Mind Trick”

Wait Time led the PAX to the entrance of the parking garage and asked them to find partners.  Partner A would go outside to the  wall and do a series of exercises while Partner B ran into the parking garage and completed 10 Merkins.  After the 10 Merkins were completed, the partners flapjack.

The PAX began the wall exercises in the windy, pouring rain (Feet Elevated Donkey Kicks).  After each partner finished one round (with much mumble chatter about the conditions), Wait Time led the PAX back indoors.  This single exercise was an attempt to engage the PAX in fears, anger and frustration.

The THANK #2. “Galaxy Grinder”

PAX moved indoors and remained with partner.  Partner A did a series of exercises, while Partner B ran down the ramp and did 10 Merkins.  When Partner B returned from Merkins, they flapjacked:

Monkey Humpers | LBCs | Cherry Pickers | Burpees | Lunge with Twist | Big Boy Sit up w/ Token | Shoulder Press | Curls | Rocky Balboa and 100 Merkins

Omaha was called, and PAX moseyed to 6MOM.


Captain Thor (1 Big Boy Sit-up : 4 American Hammers).  PAX completed Captain Thor through 5 : 20.


Q Schedule:  Wait Time mentioned that Q slots are available in December.  Waffle House asked how to get engaged.  Anyone interested in Qing, should contact a site Q:

Placebo/The Murph | Brazilian/Cornhusker H. | The Plague/Paradise Island | Ethanol/The Maize | Bubba Gump/The Horse Track | Ponzi/The Woodshed | Wait Time/The Oracle

Gratitude.  TC shared his appreciation for his daughter’s Camp Kesem Fund-raising campaign.  Several PAX donated to Hannah’s campaign (check out her Polar Plunge video on Twitter as a “Thank You.”)  Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (just sayin’).

Prayers.  Continued prayers for Thunderhead and Roll Bar.  Thunderhead’s son, Corbin, scheduled for surgery in December.  Roll Bar’s daughter, Ruby, was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.


Wait Time has been reading Brene Brown’s “Dare to Lead.”  In the book, Brown used a Star Wars metaphor to illustrate the power of our fears.  Excerpt:

Yoda teaches Luke on the force, and how the dark side of the force – anger, fear, and aggression – is holding him back.  Luke points to the dark cave and says “There’s something no right here…I feel cold…death.”

Yoda explains to Luke that the cave is dangerous and strong with the dark side of the force.  Luke looks confused and afraid.  Yoda says, “In you must go.”

When Luke asks what’s in the cave, Yoda explains, “Only what you take with you.

As Luke straps on his weapons, Yoda hauntingly advises, “Your weapons, you will not need them.”  Luke grabs the light saber anyway.

The cave is dark and scary.  Luke is confronted by Darth Vader.  Luke cuts off Vader’s helmeted head.  The head rolls to the ground and the face guard blows off.  It reveals Luke’s face, not Vader’s.  Luke is staring at his own head on the ground.

Wait Time revealed that he never understood that the Force and the Dark Side are one power, but at different ends of the spectrum.  Even as a Star Wars’ fan, it wasn’t until he read that passage as he saw them as one force.  He had always considered the dark side to be a separate, distinct power.  We all have these caves in our lives, and we all face struggles that lead us to the dark side.  For Wait Time, that struggle has always been anger and aggression.  At times, that anger and aggression was used productively – to succeed in sports and at times, in business.  At other times, that anger and aggression has destroyed friendships.

The dark side would have made Wait Time see F3 as a means to compete and “win.”  Instead, F3 has helped him see the real treasure of looking out for your fellow PAX member and F3 is not about aggression and winning.  It is about encouraging others and watching out for the six.

He ended with this quote from Joseph Campbell,”The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Grace and Peace,

Wait Time

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