12/4/2018. Cornhusker Handicap AO | Stinson Park at Aksarben Village – OUTSIDE 

PAX:19 Room Service, Saul, Tonight Show, Biggie Smalls, Selleck, The Big One, Waffle House (Respect), The Plague,  Ponzi, Tater Tot, Wait Time, No Doze, TC (Respect), Folsom, Bubbles, Point Break, Lowman, Cyclone (Respect), Walk On

QIC: No Doze 

Weather:  22 degrees, 12 degree wind chill.  Once again, basically perfect weather for a No Doze Q.

YHC arrived at early, no shovel flags in tow, as he was pinch-hitting on this Q for Brazilian who, like Chris Carpenter (or Adam Wainright) is on the DL.  But, his unfortunate mishap with a potted plant was an opportunity to Q on short notice, and the result was an epic Merkin beatdown.  

Mission statement and disclaimer were given. PAX was notified that we were staying outside, out of the parking garage, and as such, to watch their step as we were still experiencing some flurries.  Heeding Selleck’s call to get after it and embrace the suck, we stayed in place and immediately proceeded into


-SSH -20 ICString Rippers aka Tappy Taps – 15IC

Moroccan nightclub – 10IC Sobriety style on each foot

Chinooks -10 IC Sobriety style on each foot

Shoulder Taps – 20 IC

-Monkey Humpers – 15 IC

Red Bull Smurf Jacks -25IC


The PAX remained in a Circle of Pain for Part 1 of 


Part 1 –EMOM

YHC reminded the PAX that “the count is always 100,” encouraging them to look beyond what they think is the goal.

Every minute/on the minute: 

5 merkins/5 squats/1 burpee

5 merkins/5 squats/2 burpees

5 merkins/5 squats/3 burpee, etc.

After the set of nine burpees, YHC asked Tonight Show to pick 5 or 10.  He picked 10!

After 10 burpees, YHC decided to go for 5 more merkins and 5 more squats.  Much mumble chatter ensued as the PAX clearly wondered if perhaps the count really was 100.  Alas,  YHC called Omaha on the EMOM.  The PAX thus completed 55 merkins/55 squats/55 burpees in 10 minutes


The Pax split into two equal groups for Part 2 of 

The THANG:  

Part 2 – Black Jack (in honor of F3Lousville Pax Double Down)

Perform 1 Merkin – run 40 yds – perform 20 LBCs. Run back and do 2 Merkins. Run back for 19 LBCs. Repeated until you did 20 Merkins and 1 LBC.  Always adds up to 21.  Blackjack!

YHC called Omaha and the PAX completed the final twenty merkins together.  Lowman’s description of the beatdown: “If I fell down, I don’t think I could push myself up.”

6 MoM:

As if 265 merkins weren’t enough, we concluded the beatdown with a Captain Therkin  Captain Thor modified with 5 merkins between each set. 1:4, 5 merkins, 2:8, 5 merkins, 3:12, 5 merkins; and 4:16,  merkins.  20 more merkins.  Aye!


-Announcements: Cyclone’s VQ Thursday at the Horsetrack.  Tater Tot at the Maize on Thursday, and Plague Friday at the Woodshed.  Keep supporting new Wednesday AO Paradise Island and check out Plauge’s 3rd F recap podcast.    

Selleck will send out information on volunteer opportunity to donate, set up, or work at Abide Christmas Store.  

-TC announced Lean Consortium third Friday of every month. Next meeting is Dec. 21st.  Contact TC for an invite and get your free coffee.   

-Wait Time acknowledged TC posting on the regular despite his bum wheel and losing the deposit on his beat to s—t foot brace.

YHC closed out the COT, and noted how the benefits of F3 can be seen in the outpouring of support for our fellow PAX, Double Down, despite the fact that we’ve never met him.  Inspired by Placebo’s recent Q, YHC shared initial trepidation about the 3rd F, recent struggles with faith, and how F3 has helped with those struggles for the past few months.  Closed out leading first ever prayer during COT.  Thanks for your patience and kind words after.


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