Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019 | The Oracle | Boys Town | Weather: 43 degrees and partly cloudy (great spring morning!)

PAX: Specimen, Khakis, Ponzi, Folsom, Truss, Coach K, The Plague, Room Service, CSI, Tater Tot, Stretch, The Big One, Vandelay, Lemon Law, Waffle House, Gipper, Sasquash, Cyclone, Reba, No Doze, Roll Bar, Lowman, Crab Cakes, Daniel San, FNG-Top Shelf (Cory Gorden), FNG-Scooter (Randy Moore) and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time

Wait Time greeted the PAX – particularly the FNGs and Kotters (Welcome Back!!). After Wait Time expressed his intention to be a great leader by taking the PAX to places that they don’t want to go and do things that they don’t want to do (except when modification is needed – see the disclaimer which was shared). After reviewing the F3 Mission, the PAX moseyed around the field house and to the backlot near the baseball field for Warm-a-Rama.

Shoulder Taps x 20 IC | SSH x 20 IC | Smurf Jacks x 20 IC | Imperial Walkers x 20 IC | Burpees x 7 OYO | Lucky 7 | Copperhead Squats x 20 IC | Rapid fire shoulder routine (no recovery): Sun Gods x 12 IC each direction | Cherry Pickers x 12 IC | Chinooks x 12 IC each direction.
PAX counted off to 9, so we could organize in groups of three. After the count-off, PAX moseyed to the farmers market for a picnic.

PRE-THANG: “Life is no Picnic”
PAX gathered around the picnic tables and completed two sets of three exercises:
Dips x 15 | Step-Ups x 20 | Derkins x 15 (2 sets).

When the PAX finished the picnic, they bear crawled to the basketball court where they organized into three groups for an Indian Run to the football practice field.

THANG: Shouldering with the Shieldlock (read more on Shieldlock here)

The PAX were organized in nine groups of three men. Each group was faced with carrying one of the following objects the length of the practice field (approximately 80 yards): 70 lb sandbag, two 35 lb. dumbbells or a 70 lb backpack. While one group was carrying these heavy objects, the rest of the PAX completed the following exercises (AMRAP):

Pickle Pushers | Reverse Crunch | Monkey Humper |Cherry Pickers |Machtar Ndgiaye | Lucky 7 | Big Boy Sit-ups | Burpees | Lt. Dans |Hydraulic Squats | Chilcutt Planks | Crab Cakes.

For some added suffering, Wait Time included Partner Pushes (Crowd Pleaser!) and Partner Carry.

T-claps to the PAX that carried the tokens back to the shovel flag!!!


X & Os | Superman x 15 IC | Cindy Crawford x 12 IC | Dying Cockroach x 12 IC | American Hammer x 25 IC


Wild Kingdom. This Tuesday, March 26 we launch the newest bootcamp AO, Wild Kingdom, at Lake Zorinsky. T-claps to Tonight Show for stepping up as Site Q. There will be no Cornhusker Handicap this Tuesday as we will converge at Lake Zorinsky for the launch.D
Boys Town Athletic Booster Fund-raising Dinner. The Big One invited PAX to participate in the Boys Town Athletic Fund-raiser. The Big One purchased a table for the event and said more tables could be purchased. Bruce Bowen, former NBA basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs, is the speaker.

Wait Time read an excerpt from CS Lewis’ “Mere Christianity.” In the past week, some PAX struggled with the fart sack. Wait Time read the passage to inspire PAX to lean on their shield lock and God in making daily decisions:

” The little decisions you and I make everyday are of such infinite importance. The smallest good act is the capture of a strategic point from which a few months later, you may be able to go onto victories you never dreamed of. An apparent trivial indulgence in lust or anger today is the loss of a ridge or a railway line or bridge head from which the enemy may launch an attack otherwise impossible.” CS LEWIS

Wait Time led the PAX in prayer – praying that we lean on God and our Shieldlock as we carry our daily burdens and face difficult decisions. We prayed for PAX traveling with family and work and for flood victims. Lastly, we prayed for the speedy recovery of our fellow PAX battling injuries.

Grace and Peace,

Wait Time

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