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26 PAX: Selleck, Bluegrass, CSI, Reba, Dufresne, Honey Stinger, No Dose, Tater Tot, The Big One (Happy Birthday), Gipper, The Plague, Lemon Law, Bubba Gump, TC, Hootenany, Thunderhead, Wait Time, Vandelay, Sweet Tooth, Cyclone, Grease Monkey, Tom Komp (FNG – Snap, Crackle, Pop), Lowman, Mayhem, Room Service, Specimen

Q: Specimen

After the welcome and disclaimer, the PAX moseyed to the football field for the warmarama.  At 48° it was a perfectly cool football weather morning for the Pigskin Primer workout.  To begin, I fumbled through the following warm-a-rama:

Windmills x 15 IC

Nancy Kerrigans x 10 IC each side

Air Squat x 10

SSH x 15 IC String Rippers x15 IC

 After the warm-a-rama the PAX moseyed to the west side of the fieldhouse for a Balls to the Wall Relay.  The PAX lined up balls to the wall and rotated down the building until they ran out of wall to work with.  Already gassed, I had the group mosey to the steps of the music all for one of my staples: Clock Merkins x5 at each position.  After two rounds of Clock Merkins the PAX moseyed to the soccer field for the THANG.

 The Thang

Bear Crawl / Crawl Bear 10 yards x2

 Over Under Relay (Two Teams).  Two teams went the length of the soccer field with an Army crawl under one PAX followed by a hurdle over the next PAX positioned in a low plank.  After the over under relay it was time to bust out the pigskin.

 Punt/Pass and Get Some – two teams, one team punts or passes and does core work while other team retrieves the ball and does one of the following exercises from the spot of the ball.

CORE work for the Punt/Pass team: Plank, Al Gore, American Hammers, Scissor kicks,…the PAX improvised and called CORE work as they went.

 Workouts for the Get Some team:

10 squat jumps / sprint back

10 sit-ups / sprint back

5 burpees / sprint back

10 push-ups / sprint back

Shotgun Snap Relay – The PAX lined up single file down the field.  The first guy in line snapped to the next.  If there was a muffed snap the PAX was penalized with 5 merkins.  After snapping, the PAX member would run through the entire line of PAX swerving in and out in an “S” until the end.  If they weren’t running, the PAX were in an Al Gore position.

There were several muffed snaps and the PAX paid for it with 5 merkins each time.  There were a lot of smiles and Reba mentioned each of the PAX acted like they were 20 years younger due to the pigskin being a part of the workout!

After the shotgun snap relay down and back the PAX got back into the Punt/Pass and Get Some.

Workouts for the Get Some team while the Punt/Pass team performed a core workout:

10 mountain climbers.

10 butt kickers.

10 Monkey Humpers

The PAX unified for one last Punt/Pass and Get Some with a final punt and a unified circle up for 10 burpees.  Then it was time for 6 Minutes of Mary.

 6 MoM

 TC called American Hammer 7×7 and the PAX went around the circle counting to 7 until I called it for the final piece of core work: Flutter Kicks x15 IC.


Lowman shared the news of The Big One’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY).  Ponzi previously shared some podcasts that he’s enjoyed in the past and Lowman has been listening to, and endorsed, the 43 feet podcast.  Lowman’s daughter Collette “Coco” lost her battle to cancer on May 29th 2017.  Lowman shared about the following pediatric cancer research, and patient and family programming fundraiser in his daughter’s memory:


The group is about $1,600 short of their $20,000 goal. Let’s rally around Lowman and help them get to $20,000.

Wait Time shared about the Wheels for Jakson fundraiser and challenge from Roll Bar for $2,000 to be raised from the F3 Omaha group: https://twitter.com/F3_Rollbar/status/1045678380555923457

T-Claps for Dufresne, his dedication to F3, and the physical transformation he’s experienced.  Keep up the great work!

Bluegrass reminded of the Thursday night workouts and the common theme of transition within the group.

I am thankful for this group and enjoyed having some fun with the football this morning.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to fumble through it with me today!  As many of us are going through a transition I encourage you to keep fighting the good fight.  Find something that gives you joy and do that!  Keep staying dedicated to F3 and invite your friends as it may be just what they need.  I know I appreciate the therapeutic beatdowns I suffer through with you guys!  May God bless each of you and your families this week.

Go Big Red!


9.29.2018 PAX

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