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10 Pax: Safe Ride, Gumbo, No Doze, Sweet Tooth, Big One, Thor, Wait Time, Blue Suede, Tonight Show,Folsom

Q: Folsom

Tator Tot welcomed the PAX, gave the disclaimer and mission statement with the delivery of a true professional. Folsom lead the PAX in the Warmorama and then had them split into two groups. Folsom did warn them that there would be a pair of long runs for his beatdown, so if anyone didn’t feel up for it they could opt to join Tot, or if anyone preferred to run they could opt in with Folsom.

Red Bull Warmorama:

  1. Mosey around.
  2. High Knees ICx25
  3. Butt Kickers ICx25
  4. Jump Tucks ICx10
  5. Merkins x10
  6. Mountain Climbers ICx20
  7. Jump Tucks ICx10
  8. Merkins x10
  9. Split PAX in half.

The Pre-Thang: ½ mile mosey to the Eastside basketball court. During the run Folsom blew his coach’s whistle about 5 times, each tweet met 10 merkans. Once everyone was there, Folsom instructed the PAX on the Skyline drill, a conditioning drill from his college hoops days. Folsom had 4 PAX positioned under the hoops, two under each basket, one on each side of the rim. They will jump to touch the backboard twice, in theory. The PAX on the left of the south hoop would run to the north hoop to repeat the jumps. The PAX on the right would shuffle step to the left of the rim and jump twice again before running to the north hoop, repeating the jumps there. While this is going on, the PAX starting at the north hoop would have done their 4 or 2 jumps, before running to the PAX gathered along the sideline near half court, pushing the northernmost man to run to the north hoop for 4 jumps there, then run to the south hoop for 4 jumps then back to the group at half court. The rest of the PAX lined up along the side line at half court and got on their 6 to do abs. The PAX rotated from flutter kicks to scissors, to Big Boys, to LBC’s and back to flutter kicks. 10 minutes of this were enough. Another ½ mile mosey to the practice football field for the Thang. There were a few more whistle blows for merkans along the way and one time for 30 squats.

The Thang: Tossing the Old Pigskin with Pull-up Punishments

After Planking for the 6, Folsom split the PAX into two lines, each behind a football. First guy in each line became the receiver; second guy in each line became the quarterback. All other PAX in line were to run in place. The receiver ran at least 10 yards before the QB could throw them a pass. For every dropped pass that team had to do 3 pull ups on the goal post or 3 burpees. The receiver returned to the back of the line and the QB became the receiver while the next guy in line became the QB. This went on until Folsom called Omaha (07:45). Then Folsom lead the PAX on a mosey back to the shovelflags for Mary.


  1. Big Boys for 60 seconds
  2. Dying Clyclones for 60 seconds
  3. Reverse Crunches for 60 seconds
  4. Heal Touches for 60 seconds
  5. Chill Cut for 60 seconds
  6. American Hammer for 60 seconds

Announcements:  Triple Lindey this Labor Day! Sing up for Iron Pax, just do it!

COT: Optimists believe negative events are a LIE. L= Limited to a single moment. I= Isolated to that one particular area. E= External as to opposed to internal (people and things outside their control contributed to the negative event). It’s only a LIE if you make it so. You have to believe the negative event is limited, isolated, and external, otherwise it will have a domino effect. For example the best baseball players in the world bat .300. That’s failing 70% of the time they are up to bat. But they have to see that strike out as a LIE. They have another a bat to try again and they have to go out in the field and make a defensive play. This applies to our lives too. Think about the last time something negative at work happened. Did you let that spill over into your home life? Next time, think of the negative event as limited, isolated, and external.

-Darrin Donnelly in Relentless Optimism

Aye- Folsom

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