8/30/2019 | Golden Spike AO | Burke High School

PAX: Tater Tot, Khakis, Kielbasa, Folsom, Wait Time, Blue Chip, Slow Roast, Polaroid, Room Service, Stones, Vandelay, Mufasa, Saul, Blue Suede, Placebo, Pablo, Jean Claude, TC, Chiclets, Slow Pitch, Shake n Bake, Bubbles, Roll Bar, Hard Hat, Tin Cup, Guppy, FDIC, Crocs

Q: The Big One

Weather: Perfect late summer morning. Comfortable. A little breeze.

The Big One welcomed the PAX, gave the mission statement, core principles and disclaimer. The PAX moseyed halfway around the track to the north side of the field for warm-o-rama.




Imperial Walkers


Tappy Taps

High Knees Burpees

The PAX moseyed to the south goal line for The Thang. The Big One told The PAX that to kickoff the start of football we’d being working on our Offense, Defense and Special Teams skills, F3 style.


The PAX lined up along the goal line. On Big One’s whistle, they sprinted 20 yards and then ‘huddled up’ for the first exercise below. They continued with 20 yard sprints, followed by an exercise until they got to the end zone. Once they reached the end zone, they turned around and repeated the other direction. 

*Merkins x 20

*Peter Parkers x 20 IC

*LBCs x 15 IC

*Alt Shoulder Taps x 20 IC

*Squats x 20


The PAX then got down and dirty with the following exercises.

*Up Downs every 10 yards for 100 yards x 2

*Bear Crawl 20 yards, jog 20 yards for 100 yards

*Backward run 50 yards, sprint 50 yards x 2

*Partner Push. Push partner to 50 and switch


The PAX split up into 3 groups and chose 1 HIM from the group to kick field goals. The groups started with 60 Burpees. Each kicker got 3 chances to subtract from that number, by subtracting the total yardage of field goals made by 60. Chiclets went 1-3, subtracting 25. Blue Chip stole the show going 2-3 and subtracting 50 for his teams. Vandelay had the distance on his kicks, but was just a little off, going 0-3. Big One made the executive decision that Vandelay’s team only had to do 35 Burpees.


*American Hammer 100 Count


*Labor Day Triple Murph CSAUP at both AOs.

*Reminder of Family Night at Valas on Friday, September 20th.

*Reminder of the 2.0 workout on Saturday, September 21st

*Update on Waffle House’s tremendous progress and continued prayers for Waffle House and his family.

*Big One talked about the value of teamwork and how he thinks of F3 as a team. It’s the F3 team (2nd F) that keeps him coming back and truly makes F3 so special. Big One encouraged the PAX to continue to lean into the 2nd F which in turn will strengthen our team.  

*Big One closed with a prayer

*Coffeteria at Starbucks


The Big One

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