The Oracle AO | Boys Town Winter Quarters | January 12, 2019 |Snowy 26 degrees

On Saturday, January 12, 2019, 24 (right?) PAX went against the Winter Weather Beatdown Advisory and willingly braved the early morning snowflakes to attend the Tater Tot and Plague (CO Q) FOMO show held in the winter quarters of the FNB parking garage (thank you TC and Cyclone!).   The theme, “FOMO” can be defined as “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent” in other words, FOMO perpetuates the fear of having made the wrong decision on how to spend time since you can imagine how things could be different.  Tater Tot and The Plague expanded upon this theory by separating the PAX for the majority of the beatdown to test their fears.  It would result in two completely different beatdowns that were not discussed between the Q’s but just trusted that both would do their part to lead.

The PAX: Tonight Show, Honey Stiner, Honey Badger, Crab Cakes, Six Shooter, Khakis (respect), Cyclone (respect), Placebo, No Doze, Saul, Wait Time, TC (respect), Lowman, The Worm (FNG), Grease Monkey, Waffle House (respect), Selleck, Room Service, Vandalay, Ethanol, Big One, Brazilian, Tater Tot, The Plague.

QIC: Tater Tot and The Plague

WARM-A-RAMA:  Mosey to the 4th floor of the FNB garage.  It was brought to the groups and Q’s attention that there was an FNG and Tater Tot quickly sought out Nathan to properly greet him and mention that we will learn much more about him post workout.  There were PAX that shouted out that we were already off to a rough start by forgetting this very important step. Lots of mumble chatter about the lack Tater Tot & Plague following standard procedure.

Burpee-jumpee-tuckee – (10 OYO and quickly quieted the very chatter filled PAX) – standard burpee with jump tuck at the end

Tater Taps (These were really the original Tappy Taps as Tater Taps are side to side and started by Tonight Show for the record)

Imperial Walkers

Pickle Pushers (Eye contact was encouraged)

Superman Sun Gods (Not sure what the heck these were but they were attempted on an office floor and thought perhaps they would work.  TBD if they will return)

Crab Marcher

Slinky Dinky Merkins

21’s Side Straddle Hop (One in cadence and 20 silent.  Impressive as we ended pretty much in cadence, but PAX were still greeted with 10 burpees, 5 less then warned)

THE THANG (Tater Tot  and The Plague)  PAX counted off in 1’s and 2’s and the FOMO began as Saul was asked which leader his team would like to follow.  He chose The Plague sending group two with Tater Tot to the first floor and they quickly realized The Plague would have been a better option and their fear of missing out was real, very real.  That would be the last time the groups joined together again until Six Minutes of Mary.

Tater Tot’s Five Minutes of Hell (X3) – PAX rotated between four stations of exercises that were timed out in 45 second intervals with 15 seconds of rest in between.  Random PAX were asked to call out a number (1-4) that corresponded with a sequence of exercises duct tapped to the wall.  A few rounds of core were introduced after the completion of a round if Tater Tot thought they could use a breather.  Mumble chatter was heavy particularly near the wall and coupon station.

Station 1- Inbounds Play (Just touch the ball.  It’s not that hard….  Tater Tot needed to get some anger out from Creighton’s basketball colossal collapse against Marquette when they couldn’t inbound a basketball correctly to secure a win with .8 seconds.  PAX were asked to throw the medicine ball against the wall from different positions and should they drop it they were asked to do 3 burpees.  I did not have the heart to make Lowman complete his burpees after the ball hit the ground following his first (and only) toss against the wall.  Somehow he had enough man strength to catapult the weighted ball directly back into his nose temporarily blinding him and leaving him mildly concussed.  Cleary .8 seconds would have elapsed had Lowman been in the game at the time and attempted this inbounds play….

  • Chest Pass
  • Underhand Pass
  • Overhead Pass
  • Side to side Pass (Tater Tot could have done a better job of explaining this one

Station 2 – The Wall:  This station had its positives and questions.  There was PAX that enjoyed the new exercises that we typically do not get to attempt.  On the other hand, there was one that will not be attempted again in the future.

  • Wall Sit
  • Wall Planks (feet to the wall as close to parallel as possible)
  • Wall Mountain Climbers
  • Wall Derkins (after further review this was not very realistic as this station became more of a rest station instead)

Station 3 – Coupons: It is always appreciated by the Q when Wait Time brings the coupon but not appreciated by the PAX.  This station simply sucked.  Not much more to it than that.

  • Alternating side to side merkins
  • Kettle swings
  • Curls
  • Burpees (Only one group called out number four which was unlucky for them. Yes, this was mean, wrong and all around stupid.  But the PAX did them)

Station 4 – The Ladder:  PAX ran a continuous ladder each time they made it to this station.  It seemed to be more a jog chatter session but Tater Tot was ok with that as they most likely just completed the coupon station and it has already been said that simply sucked.

  • Ladder Run/Jog
  • Ladder Run/Jog
  • Ladder Run/Jog
  • Ladder Run/Jog

The Plague – Two Unique Workouts for Two Unique Groups

Group 1 – The Stair-Escalator – 0715-0729

Start on 4th floor perform 50 reps, run down to 1st floor, perform 25 reps, switch exercises and repeat

Exercise 4th Floor 1st Floor
Merkins 50 on down 25 on down
Air Squats 50 on down 25 on down
LBCs 50 IC 25 IC
Jump Tucks 50 on up (2×25) 25 on up

The number of reps back to back generated tons of mumble chatter and especially sore pectoralis major muscles. Low Man, who typically enjoys a good jump tuck, has since decided this is no longer his favorite move.

Due to timing, Plague had group hold a plank position for a total of 75 seconds, then moseyed to Coach Tater Tot’s group where Q’s exchanged PAX.

Group 2 – Bacon Ramps – 0733-0750

In order to Be the Bacon, you must perform ridiculous exercises while going up parking garage ramps. Not sure if this is officially part of the F3Nation Lexicon definition of bacon, but it probably should be.

PAX numbered off into 1’s and 2’s, Plague instructed PAX to line up in groups, head to toe in plank position going up the ramp from 1st floor to 2nd floor.

PAX at the back of the line performed bear crawl to the front of the line, when they reached the front they hollered “FRONT” and the next guy at the back would proceed. During this torture chamber the bacon was sizzling and Plague called out Merkins in sets of 10. Lots of mumble chatter and a couple requests to have their previous Q back.

Upon reaching the top of the ramp, PAX circled up for a brief circle of pain. Two exercises performed with all PAX performing each exercise. Each PAX in the circle led a five-count of each exercise.

  • Big Boy Sit-ups – 5 x 11 = 55 total
  • Monkey Humpers – 5 x 11 = 55 total

For some reason there were lots of looks questioning The Plague’s Q-bilities…some PAX even attempted to slow the count and provide an unapproved rest period.

PAX then moseyed to the next garage ramp going from level 2 to level 3. During the mosey, Ethanol said he was hoping to break a sweat today, so The Plague called an audible and instructed PAX in the Burpee – Frog Jump up the ramp. PAX performed burpees and then frog jumps to climb this ramp. Several PAX ended up doing some sort of inch-worm push of move, but made it to the top nonetheless.

PAX then circled up and performed a few more exercises

  • Parker Peters 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers 15 IC

Tater Tot and his group moseyed up the ramps and the two groups converged for 6MOM.

6 MINUTES OF MARY  Group Two PAX did a mosey from the first floor to the fourth floor reuniting with Group One PAX after 30 minutes of separation anxiety.  The groups were pressed with time and comforted with the fact that they would only have one core exercise for Six Minutes of Mary.  The American Hammer Off was set into motion asking PAX to stay separated and face each other doing American Hammers in cadence to see which team would have the last man standing.  For whatever reason PAX really struggled to figure out which group they were in.  Was it really that hard or did I miss something?  The Hammer was given in cadence by Tater Tot (which makes them harder PS) and those that could no longer continue were asked to hold in a plank and encourage their remaining team group of PAX.  The battle came down to a head to head thrashing between No Doze and Tater To that seemingly didn’t want to end.  No Doze had a late trick in his back pocket that mentally psyched out Tater Tot giving his own cadence counting, showing no signs of pain, ending Tater Tot’s misery.  This is No Doze’s second official American Hammer championship and all PAX are challenged to practice these at home for the next battle to try and dethrone him.


Following Count Off and Name-O-Rama, Plague addressed the troops with his thoughts and reasoning behind his personal and hopefully relatable experience of FOMO. The Plague suffers from FOMO mainly because his pride & ego want him to believe he needs to be involved in order to impact others. This is not the case and causes him to make some decisions that don’t align with who he is striving to be.

In a recent devotional, The Plague read this statement:

  • There’s no doubt about it, while we’re in this body we’re consumed with a gnawing sense that we have this hole in our lives that needs to be filled. We long to fill that hole with any number of material things and experiences, both good and bad. But no matter how much money we make or what kinds of pursuits we chase after, that hunger for more still eats away at us.
  • FOMO can be a sign that you are hungry
  • When your appetite overrules your self-control, be aware of the things fulfilling your cravings
  • Seek wise counsel, the Sky-Q, other highly-accountable men for guidance in these decisions

Plague tossed the mic to Tater Tot and he mentioned how proud he was of our newest FNG attending as the first time can be the most difficult but furthermore how important FNG’s are to the growth of F3.  Tater Tot also addressed the Plague’s impact on the PAX with his leadership as he continues to not only build F3 in numbers (he pretty much can EH in a non-talking dark movie theatre) but more importantly he helps build the character and accountability of his brothers which strengthens the group, only to create the potential for a greater sense of FOMO……

After the completion of naming our FNG (Welcome “The Worm” – which the Q’s struggled with and was later mentioned they looked like the two from Step Brother’s trying to figure it out….).

Selleck mentioned he has been a little more absent recently due to his newest job change adventure and that if anyone would truly like a true beatdown that they should challenge Room Service in racquetball…?

The Plague took us home in prayer in beautiful style as always and the PAX were encouraged to join “Trunk Coffeteria” back down on the first floor where The Plague had filled his newest 101 ounce coffee thermos to the brim.  Although, it was very clear he needs to invest in a second thermos if in fact we continue to grow as it might have made it through half the PAX (pretty sure it was overheard if someone could fill their 32oz mug so perhaps that had an impact……    Tater Tot supplied some very non-healthy Krispy Kreme donuts to help celebrate the completion of the beatdown.  Garage beverages and treats gave no reason to feel FOMO as the PAX didn’t have to decide who was going where to enjoy their cup of jo.

Thank you for trusting Tater Tot and The Plague for letting us lead you and until next time…


Tater Tot                                 The Plague


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