12/9/2018  Oracle Winter Quarters AO 

PAX: Selleck, Waffle House (Respect), No Doze, TC (Respect), Vandalay, Crab Cakes, Tonight Show, The Big One, Borland, Lemon Law, Room Service, Cyclone, The Plague, Tater Tot, Coach K, Reba, Specimen, Grease Monkey, Lowman

QIC: Lowman

What began in the warm(er) confines of the parking structure turned into part survival and part search and rescue (Coach K was late and had a difficult time locating the PAX out in the much-extended AO). Just like Rocky, those 18 (and eventually 19) PAX ventured out onto the frozen plane, using the elements to train themselves to face their own Dragos. 

After a brief overview of F3 and a recognition that no FNGs were crazy enough face the gloom with us (yet… more on this to come), the PAX moseyed out of the garage to the lower “workout garden” located behind the FNB office building, where it should be noted 4-5 people were exercising indoors and looking at us like we were the crazy ones.

Warm-A-Rama and Circle Mer-quats

SSH 20 IC → Imperial Walkers 15 IC → String Rippers 15 IC → Arm Circles 10/10 IC → Chinooks 10/10 IC

Following warm-a-rama, YHC introduced a riff on the Circle Merkins, breaking the PAX into two groups, each beginning with one round of Circle Merkins holding plank (5→1), and then one round of Circle Air Squats holding Al Gore (5→1). YHC’s favorite bit of mumblechatter was, “this is some Drago s**t.”

Aye to that!

After a brief RECOVER, the PAX moseyed north, down a dark and lonesome road (walking path) towards a lake that had been surveyed by YHC and The Plague earlier that morning. The Survey Results were in, and the risk of injury due to ice tumble was marginal, and could be mitigated with a few detours and advanced notifications from the PAX members in front. 

Explore the Frozen North

This Thang consisted of four distinct pearls on one long string. The PAX completed each workout as a group before moseying to the next.

The PAX got through one full round, and then halfway through the Manly Gazebo before Omaha had to be called to allow for Mary.


LBCs 15 IC → Opp Arm/Leg Reach (dirty dog?) 15 IC, Gas Pumpers, 20 IC, Hammer 10×4

Circle of Trust

Announcements & Prayers

  • Lemon Law shared the amazing news that he and his wife are expecting this summer!
  • Selleck shared the following about Abide’s Christmas giving campaign:

Message from YHC:

  • We need to be honest that despite a few brave men, we’re not going to be seeing any new FNGs this winter.
  • Knowing that, all we can do is continue to show up and accelerate and work towards being even greater HIM than we are today.
  • YCH: I personally look at myself differently in the mirror today and know others in this COT feel the same about themselves and the guys around them. I was passing a mirror in an airport the other day and caught my reflection. Looking back at me was some guy with his shoulders back and his chest out. I felt a sense of pride in how far I’ve come, but also a sense of responsibility to help other guys find that same feeling. 
  • If we do that, continue to sharpen ourselves this winter when nobody else is looking, other men will take notice and when the time is right (and probably the weather too), they will see our example and think – hey, what is that guy doing that I’m not doing?
  • That’s when we welcome them in with open arms. 



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