AO: The Oracle 9.1.2018

PAX: Lemon Law, No Doze, Reba, Vandalay, Boom Boom, TC, Roll Bar, Borland, Specimen, Waffle House, The Plague, Tonight Show, Ethanol, Grease Monkey, Dufresne, Biggie Smalls, The Big One, Kit (welcome from F3Cleveland), Lowman, Room Service, Matt McMaster (FNG- Hard Times), Ponzi, Coach K, Selleck, Folsom, Gipper.

QIC: Wait Time

Temperature: 74 with 88% Humidity – perfect conditions for a swamp frog.

Wait Time welcomed 27 PAX including one FNG Matt (aka Hard Time) and one guest – Kit (traveling from F3Cleveland) on this very important holiday weekend – Labor Day and Husker Football Opening Game Day.  After Wait Time shared the F3 mission and disclaimer, and disclosed that he would not be anyone’s friend for the next hour.

For some PAX, football season means fantasy football and a little wagering.  Wait Time gave Ponzi an opportunity to gamble and simply asked “50 or 100?”  Ponzi boldly said “100!”  The PAX collectively held Ponzi responsible for the next 60 minutes.


The PAX moseyed to the Warm-A-Rama.  After a little shoulder warm-up, the mumble chatter asked “and when does the 6MOM start?”

Squat Airclaps x 20IC

Sun Gods x 15 IC (Each Direction) NO RECOVERY

Chinooks x 12 IC (Each Direction) NO RECOVERY

Cherry Pickers x 10 IC

SSH x 25 IC


PAX moseyed to new territory in the AO and further warmed up the shoulders:

Peter Parkers x 15 IC NO RECOVERY courtesy of Ethanol

Plank Jacks x 15 IC NO RECOVERY

Mt Climber x 20 IC NO RECOVERY

Parker Peter x 12 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Six Inches (10 count from the Plague)

THANG “100”

The PAX moseyed to Specimen’s hill.  The group partnered up for a core grinder.  Partner A started a series of core exercises (below) while Partner B ran up the hill and did 10 Merkins.  Partner B tagged out Partner A and continued the core exercise until 100 reps were completed.  PAX completed at least 100 Merkins in addition to the core routine.  Core exercises were:

LBCs, Crunchy Frogs, Freddie Mercury, Rosalitas, Low Dolly, Flutter Kicks, Cindy Crawfords, American Hammer, WW1 Sit-ups.

THANG “50”

The PAX completed the “100.”  Wait Time encouraged the PAX to go easy on Ponzi for selecting the 100 because he was simply choosing which routine to do first.  At that point, the PAX moseyed to the football field to complete “50.”

The PAX partnered up for the Grinder 50.  Station A was a series of wall exercises.  While one person was doing Station A exercises, the other person ran to a designated area and completed 10 Merkins.  The wall exercises required a combined 50 reps of:

Feet Elevated Donkey Kick, Lateral Step Up, Feet Elevated Burpee (Omaha was called on this exercise), and the Feet Elevated Carolina Dry Dock.


Dying Cockroach x 20 IC

Pickle Pushers x 15 IC

Marge & Homer

American Hammer x 7 IC (3 Sets) compliments of TC and his amazing cadence.


MURPH: On Labor Day Monday, there will be two sessions of Murph Monday.  Specimen will lead a 5:30 AM session.  Placebo will lead a 7 AM session.  Great opportunity to post at the the MURPH.

VQs:  On Tuesday, Hootenanny will VQ the Cornhusker Handicap.  On Thursday, Truss will VQ The Maize.

Wait Time closed out the workout with a prayer in a ball-of-man.


Wait Time

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