8/31/2018  AO: The Woodshed at Elmwood Park

PAX: Placebo, Waffle House, Ethanol, Daniel San, Dufresne, Roll Bar, Hard Hat, Thunderhead, Baby Grand, Ponzi, TC, The Plague, Cyclone.  QIC: Wait Time

The PAX got benched in a Friday morning beatdown at Elmwood Park.  The 45 minute workout burned over 600 calories and we covered more than two miles.

Wait Time greeted the PAX with the F3 mission statement and disclaimer as Ethanol and Placebo came in hot.


SSH x 20 IC > Suzanne Somers (Thighmaster) x 10 IC > Pickle Pushers x 15 IC and Hillbillies x 20 IC

The PAX moseyed to the playground for a mini-Murph.  The PAX split into two groups and did two sets of 5 Pull-ups, 10 Merkins and 15 Squats.  Wait Time noted that the group completed one set of the Murph Workout and encouraged everyone to be at the Monday Murph.


The PAX split up into groups of three men.  Each group completed a Grinder that incorporated one station where all exercises were completed on a bench.  Another partner ran from the benches to station 2 where a combination of core and full body exercises were completed.  All exercises were completed until your partner tapped you out.

BENCH STATION: Dips, Step Ups, Derkins, Bench Squat Jump, Incline Merkins, Elevated Mountain Climber,  Bench Tap Merkin, Feet Elevated Donkey Kick.

STATION 2: LBCs, Johnny Drama, Rosalitas, Dying Cockroaches, Monkey Humpers, Cherry Pickers, Freddie Mercury, Crab Cakes.


ABCs > Cindy Crawfords x 12 IC > American Hammer 15 x 3 IC


Murph Monday – Time Change for Labor Day.  For the holiday, Murph Monday will launch at 7 AM not 5:30 AM.

Q School.  This Saturday immediately after The Oracle will be Q School.  It will be held a the AO.  Any prospective Q and any Q that has never attended Q School is encouraged to attend.  Coffeeteria will be included.  The session should last no longer than 45 minutes.  In order to grow, we need more Qs!

PAX joined together in a ball-of-man and Ponzi closed out the workout with a prayer.


Wait Time

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