May 23, 2019 | The Maize | 49 degrees

PAX: Wait Time, Roll Bar, Sasquatch, Lemon Law, Hard Hat, Slow Roast, Dufresne, Stretch, Tonight Show, Daniel-San, GermEx, Khakis, Placebo
Pax circled their way through the maize and moseyed the corner of the mushy surface and began the Warm-a-arma.
-String Rippers
-Tappy taps
-Side Straddle Hops
-High Knees
-Cherry Pickers
-Air Squats
-Bobby Hurleys
-Catalina Wine Mixer
We added a Pax along the way as we drudged around The Maize and onto the field. There we began The Thang and the Pax separated into two groups where we began the Plank hurdles. Each Pax hurdled their way over each other while the rest of the Pax planked until the goal line was reached. At this point people are looking for forward to a nicely brewed cup of warm coffee, but to their dismay, The Thang was far from over. Again, we planked and hurdled to back to the starting  goal line.
With time still left on the clock. Placebo led us through a quick burpee workout, because the planks weren’t enough. Next the Pax made their way back to the flag for 6 minutes of Mary filled with LBCs, Crunchy Frogs, American Hammers, Boxcutters, and flutterkicks.
The Pax prayed for the men that fought for us to stand on the ground beneath us, and then we celebrated the freedom these veterans gave us by gathering in fellowship at the local Family FareStarbucks.
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