12/13/2018 | The Horsetrack AO | Stinson Park | 6:00-6:45 pm

PAX: Folsom, Dufresne, Walk One

Q: The Big One

Weather:A comfortable 35 degrees

The Big One welcomed the PAX. The mission statement, core principles and disclaimer were given.

The Big One and Folsom met at the stage and moseyed around the park. While moseying Dufresne joined and the Pax grew to 3. Walk on made it 4 shortly after.


SSH x 15 IC

String Rippers x 12 IC

Imperial Walkers x 12 IC

Arm Circles (forward and reverse) x 10 IC

Moroccan Nightclub x 12 IC

Cherry Pickers x 15 IC

Pax did 3 sets of Dumbbell Burpees x 5.



Pax paired up. Completed 100 reps total of the following with dumbbells.

 Curls x 100

Plank Rows x 100

Shoulder Press x 100

Squats x 100

Tricep Extension x 100

Press with legs raised x 100

 While one partner did the exercises, the other ran to the bench and back. 

 Pax stayed at the stage for MoM.


Extended Crunch (lexicon??)

Pretzel Crunches

Flutter Kicks

American Hammer (4 sets x 10 IC)


  • Name-o-Rama. No FNGs.
  • Prayer request for Lemon Law and his family.
  • The Big One told the group how grateful he was to be a part of F3 and how special it is. Acknowledged that he works harder when the F3 brothers are there with him and thanked the PAX for pushing him.
  • The Big One closed with a prayer
  • The Pax reconvened at Pauli’s for the 2nd


The Big One


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