Date: 1/31/23, 5:30 am

AO: The Helix

Conditions: 5°, Dark

18 Pax: Longneck, Desk Pop, Grip-N-Rip, Super Host, Motorboat, Old Spice, The Plague, Al Borland, Sargeant Pencil, Spring Break, T-Party, Cheapseats, Smelly Cat, House Party, Bouncer, Slow Clap, Chowda, Steeple

Q: Steeple

Steeple welcomed the PAX to F3 at 5:30 AM.  What F3 stands for, our five core principles, the F3 mission and F3 credo were cited to the PAX followed by the disclaimer.  No FNG’s in attendance.  The PAX then moseyed to the basketball courts for Warm-o-rama.


15 – Side Straddle Hops IC

15 – Tappy Taps IC

10 – Forward Sun Gods w/ calf raises IC

10 – Reverse Sun Gods w/ calf raises IC

15 Second – Right leg over left, then Reverse

10 – Big Ones (low & slow) IC

The PAX headed to the side of the court for the Pre-Thang.


The Pax proceeded to do 11’s.  They ran to the opposite side of the court and did 10 burpees.  Then ran back to the other side and did 1 merkin.  The count decreased in burpees and increased in merkins until only 1 burpee was left. There was much complaining on the burpee side of the court.

One round was completed.  Once done, everyone moseyed to the tennis courts flags.

The Thang:

PAX counted off into groups of three for a 3-Man Grinder.  Station #1 was the tennis courts.  Station #2 was the small playground shelter.  Station #3 the push group. 

Stations #1 and #2 counted out massive amounts of reps until their partner pushed them onto the next exercise. 

Station 1:

(Cumulative as group)

100 Dips

100 Decline Merkins

200 Big Boys

200 Sumo Squats

Station 2:

(Cumulative as group)

150 LBCs

250 Squats

150 Carolina Dry Docks

150 Alt. Shoulder Taps

The PAX made it through most of the rounds that were assigned before the Q called OMAHA.


Back at the Shovel Flags the PAX circled up and completed a round of Heels to Heaven and finished with Rancid Style American Hammers.  18 PAX were counted.

Announcements / Prayer Requests:

PAX are meeting up at Local at Village Point for Trivia Night.

The Polar Plunge is coming up. Check Slack for details.

Heartland Hope Mission is the upcoming 3rd F opportunity. 

Prayers for The Plague’s grandmother who recently passed.

Prayers for the police officers involved in the fatal shooting.

Prayers for the OPS teacher who was stabbed by a student.


I’ve been struggling with a project at work that has been getting me down.  It has been a trying and painful experience. It has been tough to keep motivated to get the work done.  Then I remember that a co-worker once told me that it was best to come to work in a good mood, because that is usually the best part of the day and most likely would go down hill after that. 

Life and work is not going to be perfect so start your day with the right attitude and give yourself and those around you some grace when things go sideways.

Steeple took us out with a prayer.



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