Pax: Golden Pond, Cyclone, TC, Joe Buck, Keilbasa, Black Lung, DaVinci, Reba, Prophet Smiley (FNG)

Q: Gunner  

There was a ton of activity downtown this morning with the Bud Crawford parade at 10 am. We still had a perfect small work out group post at 7 am to partake in a beatdown this perfect Saturday morning.  The last couple of Canyon beatdown consisted of String of Pearls style workouts that had put the pax through some good running distances.  I promised very little running in comparison to the last two weeks.  But before we got The Show rolling, the F3 Mission statement, 5 Core principles and disclaimer were stated  

Warmarama-1 – About 50 ft from our gather spot Wind Mills                               Arm Circles- Big- small Weed Pullers                           Morrocan night clubs Imperial Walkers                     Copperhead Squats   Warmarama-2 – At the Main Art Piece, We performed about a 10 minute, simple yoga session Down Dog Right Leg up Bring thru to Runner Pose Turn to the side – Arm Up (Opposite side) Pigeon Stretch  

Thang  – At the slide astroturf

  1. 10-5-5 Merkins – Werkins-Ranger- Diamond
  2. 20ic Jump Rope
  3. 20 Lunges – one leg
  4. 10 IC goof balls-knees-butts-SSH

  Hill Work out (at the astroturf)  – 5 Alarm Clocks and up

  1. Flutter Kicks
  2. Heel to Heaven
  3. Fredie Mercuries
  4. Inverted Toe Touches

  Mary Back pedal – 25 calves – Sprint  

COT Message The COT was secondary to the inspirating life and words provided by an amazing and  Friendliest of New Guys, Prophet Smiley.  Golden Pond invited his weekend visitor to The Canyon this morning. The reason for his name is based on his powerful spiritual beliefs and religious profession followed by his remarkable smile that was brighter than a Canyon sunrise.  During his time in the middle of the circle he shared examples of bible stories where people would run away from God, so “you do not always need to run.”  It was a poignant comment made during his time to tell us about himself.  He is unable to run and moves slower than the average man, but his wisdom was light-years ahead of this Q this morning.  It was a tremendous honor to meet and listen to Prophet Smiley this morning during his time in the circle.  It was quite a privilege to get to know more about him at coffeeteria.  For someone so young, he has experienced three life-times of adversities and been though a lot of difficult times, however his positive outlook and spiritual beliefs remain so unwavering.  What an honor and please come back for a visit after your book release.

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