35 degrees, 3-5 mph winds – perfect conditions

PAX :  Blue Chip, Frosty (respect), Tom Tom, Tenderfoot, Doll Face (respect), Roseta, Swiper, Cosmo, Tight Lip, Ditty, Vandelay (respect), Tin Cup (respect), Q Tip (respect 2x), Invictus, Hindsight, Paramount, Splinter, Folsom, Safe Ride, Catatacts, Chicklets (respect), Redacted, Samples (respect), Scavenger, Grease Fire, Black Lung

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I arrived at 5:05 to enjoy the morning.  I was born 50 years ago at just about 5:30 am so this time was special.  There were several cars in the lot and Gunner and Q-Tip were on the track.  I set up what I needed and then ran a couple warm up laps with Tight Lip.

At 5:30 am, I welcomed the grizzled group of PAX with the mission statement, 5 core principles, asked about FNGs and reminded them to modify as needed.   We then ran a lap to warm-up and gathered on the 50 yard line.  I encourage chatter during warm-o-rama.

  • Big Ones
  • Tappy Taps
  • Hamstring stretching
  • Sun Gods
  • Hip flexor stretching
  • Down Dog

Pre thang  = rounds of running the east stadium stairs.  Ditty and Black Lung did a few more rounds!  As we were finishing, Oompa and the boys from the Coop came to sing me happy birthday.  That was awesome and really meant a lot to me!


In honor of my 50th birthday, we started in the north end zone where I instructed the PAX to perform 50 reps of the following exercise and then sprint to the south end zone and do another exercise.  The first person to 50 would yell that out and take off.

  • SSH
  • Merkins
  • Sun Gods forward
  • Big Boy situps
  • Over head claps
  • LBCs

We returned to the 50 for Core work, stretching and cool down time

  • 30 second plank holds in high/low/side positions
  • Hamstring stretching
  • Hip flexors
  • Down Dog
  • Supine trunk rotation
  • American Hammers

6:07 – Omaha was called for Name-a-Rama.


  • Several 2nd opportunities – check Slack
  • Convergence -coffee donations
  • Oscar Mike at Ginger woods
  • Bovine leaving next week
  • Scavenger -charity Brain run

Prayer requests

Peggy/Biff/Tin Cup/Davinci/Merch/Terry/Redacted

COT:   I turn 50 today and that is amazing to me!  In the pre blast I had a picture of my Dad’s 1973 F100 pickup that is in the weeds and rusted (I need a body guy!).  Seeing that picture reminded me that we only have one body and it is sooooo important that we take care of it.  You have many chances in life but only 1 body.  Thank you all for being here today!

6:14: Prayer – specifically for the Gradoville family and the mission of F3.

What a great day!

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