Date: August 21, 2023PAX: 15 – Busser, Bobsled, Amadeus, Animal House, Duracell, Milo, Tony the Tiger, OG Kickstand, G String, Baby Shark, Slapshot, Dozer, Harding and Woodstock

FNGs: NoneQ: Woodstock75% of the crew hit a pre-thing this morning.  Most did a smurph while a few did a 3 mile pre run/walk
5 Core Principles1.       Free of Charge2.       Open to all Men3.       Always held outside4.       Led in a rotating fashion5.       Ends in a Circle of trust

Covered the Credo – Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him, the Mission Statement – To plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership, and of course the Disclaimer – I am not a professional so please modify as necessary.  We moseyed over to the grassy area behind the school for a little Warm A Rama. 
10 Michael Phelps15 Cherry pickers10 Sun Gods15 Tappy taps15 Big boys

After the warm a Rama we got into the Thang! This was an AMRAP group workout. Two sides separated by 15 yards with a workout list on each side. Groups of three broke out. 1 person started on side 1 and another on side 2 while the third person started a push of lunges between the 2 sides. The PAX moved in a rotating fashion.
Side 1 Workouts
MerkinsWorld War I Sit UpsAirsquatsWerkinsPlankBobby Hurleys

Side 2 Workouts
Ranger MerkinsLBCsBurpeesAlternating Shoulder TapsFrozen Freddies Bonnie Blairs

We ended at 6am for a little extra fun. We did a round of Jack Webbs and then ended with a little PAX led Mary including 15 Sarpy slammers.
Name O Rama: – name o rama went smooth. Prayers: Prayers for mental health, kickstands brother and sister and law , Mikes family, Mitch, Adly

Announcements – freed to bleed, shovel pass sandlot this week, memorial run next week sandlot, VQ Switchfoot next Stormbreaker I then Led us out in prayer
I have a simple phrase for us today for my COT. That is progression not perfection. As much as we would all like to perform perfectly in every are of our lives we all know that’s impossible. However, we can progress each day. We all wear different hats wether that’s as a husband, dad, friend, employee, business owner, F3 juggernaut etc. While we can’t wear these hats perfectly we can wear them to the best of our abilities. I challenge all of us to look at the coming week and look at ways we can progress in each field of our lives. Small progression consistently will lead to big progression over time. That’s why I’ve loved being a part of F3. The past 3 months I’ve been challenged in my progression by all of you. I love this group because I’m always challenged and encouraged to push to new heights. Whether that’s Nae Nae getting me out to my first post. Busser pushing me harder than I’ve ever pushed my first week at the Pit and then Amadeus entrusting me with my first Q. There’s many more of you that continue to help make me better. So in closing. Let’s be better – Progression not perfection.   

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