Stormbreaker String of Pearls Pax in Attendance:
Busser, Animal House, Duracell (Respect), Motown (Respect), Oscar, Schrute, Harding, Tenacious D, Dozer, Slapshot, Mortar, Hungry Man and Shingles on the Q
‘‘Twas a beautiful morning. Weather could even be described as a little brisk for those just getting out of the comfort of our vehicles. For those that were wrapping up a SMurph, I’m confident it was quiet an enjoyable temperature.
5:30 was promptly notated as we separated from the crowd of Murphers.
After covering the 5 core principles, motto, credo and disclaimer, we started moseying down the hill towards Prairie Queen. Pax were instructed to either pick up the six or chill cut plank until the six was in.
On the South side of the Round a bout, we found our first cone. Excercises completed were as follows:
3 Burpees
35 Merkins
20 SSHs
30 LBCs (IC)
30 Copperhead Squats (IC)
We then proceeded to continue South by way of the street. Stop number two was located on the East side of the next round a bout.
Stop # 2 exercises were
4 Burpees
35 Carolina Dry Docks 20 Jump Squats
30 Mountain Climbers IC
Stop number three was the stop sign at the South East corner by the stadium, where we completed the same exercises as #1. We then went North to our second to last stop. The stop sign North East Corner. Exercises were again completed, the same as the second stop.
We were finally heading back to the shovel flags. Unfortunately the Q forgot his phone at the last stop, so had to run back a bit and retrieve it.
Once all the Pax were in, we nestled in some grass (except Mortar) and did our 6MOM: 20 V Ups
2 Rounds of Sarpy Slammers.
Name A Rama was filmed, see list.
Announcements/ Prayers:
Free to Bleed on 6/30
Ditty and his family
Mike Steinbach and family Harding’s M new job
Busser Family vacation- safe travels 1776 CSAUP on Saturday

I recently saw a post on Twitter talking about Steve Job’s reaction to a designer at Apple having a bunch of prototypes, and the question was asked “what have you said no to?”
The purpose of the question was to help the employee focus on one or two things, and to do them well.
As I sit here reading that same post again, I am again struck by a quote from Steve Jobs: “What focus means is saying no to something that you-with every bone in your body- think is a phenomenal idea, and you wake up thinking about it, but you say no because you’re focusing on something else.”
What do we need to say no to, regardless of whether it’s a good idea or not, so that we can focus on what’s right in front of us?
Q took us out in prayer Aye

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