PAX: Selleck, Curds, Brazilian, Headliner, Boom-Boom.

Welcome: Crafty (Jeff Peterson) and Dial-Up (Dan Vining).

QIC: Wait Time

After Wait Time welcomed our two FNGs and Selleck elected to show up after the mosey we did Warm-A-Rama.


Introduced some new exercises preparing for the THANG.  Side Straddle Hop (SSH), Imperial Walker, Don Quixote, Shoulder Taps, Crab Cakes and Monkey Humpers.

THANG: PAX moseyed to the grassy area of the park and split into groups of three.  Parter A did exercises involving the benches (son of a bench!).  Partner B shuttled to the other side of the park where Partner C was engaged in separate set of exercises.  This relay kept each group moving quickly through exercises.  You did as many reps as you could until your partner arrived to take over.

Bench: Step Ups, Dips, LBCs, Derkins, Plank Jacks, Imperial Walker, Burpees.

Grassy Knoll: Shoulder Taps, Copperhead Squats, Monkey Humpers, Lunges, Low Slow Flutters, Crab Cake and Rosalitas.

PAX did Indian Run around the park and arrived at Shovel Flag.

6 Minutes of Mary (MOM)

Freddie Mercury x 20, ABCs, Dying Cockroaches x 10, Ankle Crunch x 20, American Hammer x 20.

Circle of Trust (COT) and Announcements:

Headliner shared opportunity for PAX to volunteer at MAHA Music Festival on August 18-19.  Headliner, Wait Time and Brazilian are on MAHA Board.  See them for details.

Wait Time announced that Bluegrass will be the Q on Saturday.  Anytime it is your first Q, it is called the VQ (Virgin Q).  This is an honor.  Encourage PAX to come out and support Bluegrass.

Dial-Up shared his work in meditation and mindfulness.  Any man interested in better managing stress, depression, and mindset please reach out to Dial Up

Twitter Account.  Important for PAX to set up Twitter account to remain engaged in F3Nation.  Follow @F3Omaha and @F3Nation.

Sacked closed the COT with a prayer.  Grateful that he traveled from NC to help launch F3Omaha.


Wait Time


See you in the gloom!

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