10/26/23, Futurama, F3 Omaha

Q: Honey Stinger

PAX: Stitches, No Cry, Wait Time, Khakis, Vandelay, Tight Lip, Toadstool, Good Lookin, Breakroom, Hooah, Flying V, Chickletts, Rocket, Spacebar, Buns of Steel, Slow Pitch, Polaroid, E-85, Mr. Spock, Mac n Cheese.

5:30am-greetings, core principals, mission statement, hugs, handshakes. After all the formalities its time to get to work so Stinger takes the PAX on a solid paced mosey around the monuments, through the rose garden before ending up the veterans wall to circle up the PAX

WOR: SSHs, Hillbilly Rocketts, Sun Gods, Goof Balls, High knees, Imperial Walkers

Pre pre thang: with no break in the action Stinger lines the PAX up along the wall for 2 sets of 10 of the following exercises:

Dips, Derkins, Incline merkins, step ups

Pre thang: Stinger leads the PAX on a short mosey to the base of the park in front of the giant statue of the couple making out and lines the PAX along the wall. Singer instructs the PAX to jump over the wall 5 times then do 10 merkins, jump 5 times then do 10 air squats. Rinse and repeat. This goes on for 5 long minutes before Stinger yells omaha and moves the PAX to the base of the steps where he has them hop up and do merkins, squat jumps and LBCs along the way.

The Thang: Stinger instructs the PAX to group up in teams of 3 for a grinder. He puts two PAXmen at one end of the circle drive and the third PAXmen on the other side. A runner will push the team in a circle of pain. The following exercises were on the list for the PAX to perform

  • Merkins-13
  • Carolina DD-13
  • Seal Claps -13IC
  • Cherry Pkrs-13IC
  • Bobby Hurleys-13
  • Alt Shoulder Taps-13IC
  • Mountain Climbers-13IC
  • Sun Gods with calf raise-10IC
  • Tempo Merkins-13IC
  • SSHs-13IC





  • Squat jumps-13
  • Monkey humpers-13IC
  • Hillbilly Rocketts-13IC
  • Copperhead Sqts-13IC
  •  Bonnie Blair’s -13IC
  • Jonny Dramas-13IC
  • Bobby Hurleys-13
  • High Knees-13IC
  • Big Boys-13
  • Burpees-5

6:04am, Stinger finally calls Omaha and the tired and busted up PAX makes their way to circle up for 6MM around the giant couple who is making out statue.

6MM- frozen flutters, Freddie Mercurys, heal touches, ETK, Pickle pushers,

6:09-announcements: turkey thankful trot, heartland hope volunteers, new AOs,

prayers: that’s between the PAX and the Sky Q

COT: During prep for this beat down so many powerful memories came to mind from this AO, this PAX and F3 Omaha. Memories that have profoundly affected me in a number of ways that i will never forget. Memories like Nugents VQ, such a powerful COT only to loose this young and positive spirt a short time later. My 40th bday Q that was all joy and laughs only to find out that our brother Waffle House had severely injured himself the night before riding his bike. Small stuff like Room Service laying in dog crap, reconnecting with Stitches 17 years later via F3 and No Dozes site launch have a special place in my heart the last 5 years. The point of this COT is not to go down memory lane but to remind the PAX that life takes a lot of turns. It can take you up when you want to go down. It can pull you right when you think your heading left. That’s just the way it is, you just gotta lean in an roll with it. Thanks for always rolling with me brothers of F3 Omaha



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