Date: Tuesday, 3/7/2023

AO: The Sanitarium, Papillion La Vista High School

Weather: 32°, 82% Humidity, 5 MPH NE Wind

Q: Bayside

PAX (13):  Animal House, Bayside, Beans, Boss Hogg, Double Dip, Dozer, Duracell, Milo, Ray Ban, Rooney, Schrute, Shingles, Tenacious D

FNG’s (0): None

5:30 – Bayside welcomed the PAX to F3.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the re-invigoration of male community leadership.

5 Core Principals:  1. Open to all men 2. Free of Charge 3. Always held outdoors 4. Lead in a rotating fashion          5. End in Circle of Trust

Credo:  Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him.

Not a professional, so modify as necessary.


Completed near the flags.

Side Straddle Hop (x20 IC)

Tappy Taps (x10 IC)

Big Ones (x10 IC)

Cherry Pickers (x10 IC)


The PAX made the short mosey to the hill next to the bleachers.  Starting at the bottom, the following exercises were completed with 3 reps of each.


Bernie Sanders

Bear Crawl

The Thang

The beatdown, although simple, was still effective in making sure the PAX achieved optimal burn.  Bayside completed a similar beatdown while at F3 Low Country (Hilton Head) back in July.  Starting at corner one, 10 each of air squats, merkins, & big boys were completed.  The PAX moseyed to the next corner, for 10 more of each, and so on.  This was completed for 3 full trips around the lot.  Although the beatdown wasn’t super complex, the moseying and reps were high. 

6:12 – Omaha was called and the PAX moseyed back towards the flags, where Sarpy Slammers were completed, followed by Name-o-rama.         

Announcements: Check Slack for details.      

Prayer Requests: None

COT: For my COT, I continued with my theme for the beatdown.  Today’s beatdown was simple, but ultimately it was effective.  Sometimes it can be valuable to keep things simple, not only in our beatdowns, but in life as well.  

Bayside took the PAX out in a Ball of Man.



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