Thursday, January 26, 2023|The Sandlot |Halleck Park, Papillion, NE | 11 degrees Cold wind

“Picking up the 6”

Q: Ditty

9 PAX: Zorro, Black Tuesday, Squeaky Clean, Uncle Jesse, Ray Ban, Swiper, Baby Shark, Jean Claude, and Ditty

Smurphs, burphs, rucks, and runs; all the pre-things at many paces and in many way and it wasn’t even 5:00 yet! Ditty was pleased to see his F3 brothers lifting each other to higher levels in the gloom. All it was happening despite the cold wind that was doing its best to cut through the layers and freeze to the bone. 5:25 and the PAX start to gather bringing with them an infectious glee seems to half-block out the cold. 5:30 and Ditty starts off The Sandlot by telling the HIM standing before him we’ll be keeping it simple again with another straight out straight back run. Go at your pace, fast or slow, and we’ll pick up the 6 at the end.

A quick reciting of the mission statement, disclaimer, five core principles and credo. A glance to notice no FNGs, and we were off: head lamps bouncing and teeth chattering. We ran! Straight into that crisp wind, then turned around. Running back with the wind and downhill seemed easier and the pace picked up to the flag. Keepin’ it simple. Pick up our 6, as we always do. No Mary today, but always a COT. Pick up the 6 in your life in all ways, but that doesn’t burning yourself out. I can empathize with out and support you, but only you and God can really change you. If you need help ask, MY HELP may make YOUR CHANGE easier.


Announcements: CSAUP Saturday: come out even if only for part, Halfway House on Sunday: many options so you can push yourself wherever you’re at, Mental Battle meets Monday, Freed to Bleed on February 17: sign up form can be found on slack.

Prayers & Praises: Bryson’s surgery went well. We’ll continue prayers as he recovers. (Thanks to all those who participated in the prayer chain.) Ditty’s mental battle continues (as does many others,) but I’d like to thank the HIM who continue to lean in and help me.

COT: Discussed above.

Have a great day, Men!

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