January 26, 2023, Westside High School, AO-The Battlefield, 32 degrees, 3 ’ of fresh slop 19 Pax: Tinderfoot, Black Lung, Grillz, Merch, Cataracts, Bloodshot, Rosetta, Smashmouth, Vandelay (Respect!), Samples (Respect!), Biff, Safe Ride, T.C. (Respect!), Sister Act, Stella!, Space Bar, Brazilian, Betamax, and Folsom.

Q: Folsom
The PAX gathered just outside the track. The mission statement was made, the 5 core principles were stated, the disclaimer was made, and then Folsom led the PAX on a mosey down the sidewalk and into the far corner of the back parking lot.

Warm O’ Rama

  1. Seal Jacks ICx20
  2. Copperhead Squats ICx15
  3. Tappy Taps ICx10
  4. Abe Vigoda’s ICx10 each direction
  5. Jump Squats ICx10
  6. Cherry Pickers ICx20

The Thang: Find a hill to semi-safely run-up Folsom had the PAX run to the hill just west of the parking lot and then partner up. The first set of partners got to pull each other in the sled for approximately 50 yards. When they were done they passed the sled to the next set. Everyone got to go twice during the thang. The rest of the partners had one partner run up the hill and perform 10 IC Monkey Humpers, before running back down. While that was going on the other partner performed the following exercises AMRAP. See below. After each partner did the exercise, they moved to the next one on the list. We got through these around 3 times. With no pre-thang and the snowmaking running hard, this was a grind. Pulling your partner and getting pulled by your partner in the sled was a welcome, yet exhausting break. Folsom’s punk playlist also helped to keep the PAX energized!


  • Merkins Heels to Heaven
  • Alternating Step Back Lunge
  • Cherry Pickers

6MOM: The PAX ran back to the shovel flags, but Folsom found a patch of sidewalk with only an inch of slush covering it for Mary. This turned out to be a very wet and cold decision. Captain Thor up to 16IC American Hammers

  • Freddy Mercury, but hold one side for a 4 count before switching ICx20
  • Reverse Box Cutters ICx20

Announcements/Prayers: Be careful about parking at schools in snow, because they may be attempting to clear the lot where you parked.

COT: This is the exact same workout I did almost two years ago to the day. I did the same workout to make a point. Today, like all other days, is just another day. A day to either get better or get worse. I make this point because we are at the time of year when people, I used to call Resolutioners, are dropping their resolutions like a dope beat in a gay nightclub. In my gym days, I hated January, but by February it was all but back to normal in there; maybe one or two new people would still be showing up. I, obviously, don’t subscribe to that pattern of thought and action. I do make some sort of resolution, only because year-end is a good time to evaluate where I’m at, how far I’ve come, and how far I want to go. To that end, I don’t set broad goals, but rather try to make day-to-day changes, that way when I fail, it isn’t fatal, like it is to the Resolutioners. For instance, my goal was to cut alcohol consumption to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So far, I’m 0-3 in weeks. That doesn’t mean that it’s time to abandon my goal. It means there’s been a few days where I probably got worse rather than better, but a few days do not a year-long goal make. Every day is a fresh day to either get better or worse.

Aye- Folsom

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